Names of candidates appear in alphabetical order.

councilman, town of Hunter

Name: Andrew Poladian

Age: 49

Family: Children, Raeghan Poladian, 8; Sawyer Poladian, 6

Place of residence: Tannersville

How long you’ve lived in the county: 49 years

Occupation: New York State Corrections Officer and Town of Hunter police officer

Are you an incumbent: No

Party lines on ballot: Republican

Previous elected offices: Current vice president of the Hunter-Tannersville Central School District Board of Education

College: Western State in Colorado.

Military service: None

Councilman, town of Hunter

Name: Ernest Reale

Age: 55

Family: Wife, Felicia

Place of residence: Haines Falls

How long you’ve lived in the county: 20 years

Occupation: Professional tile setter, part-time ski patroller at Hunter Mountain, property manager and renovator.

Are you an incumbent: No

Party lines on the ballot: Democratic

Previous elected offices: None

Why do you think you will make a good councilman?

I have been attending every Town Board meeting for the past six months, so I am up to speed on current Town issues and am prepared and ready to go to work immediately if I am to be elected. I am passionate about the beautiful area we live in and the opportunities it gives us to enjoy outdoor recreation. I am recently most proud of running a fundraising campaign to develop the Colonial Trail System, a multi-use trail system off of Allen Lane in Tannersville which opened October 2nd and is already bringing people onto our area to recreate and spend money in our area supporting our local businesses. . I do not have a college degree but have accumulated many credits in college courses in marketing/management, business mathematics and public speaking. I have no military experience but of course have the highest regard and respect for those that have and are serving our country.

What are the top issues facing your community?

There are many new and continuing issues are town currently faces. The biggest issue is and has been for many years, the abandonment of certain properties that dramatically influence the visual perception of our area . Another key issue is balance between the property owners ( the tax payers ) rights and the municipalities possible interjection as to how the properties are allowed to be used. I believe I will best serve the people of the Town of Hunter as councilman , as I will listen to and digest the facts pertaining to all sides and always make decisions with the best possible outcome for the future of our town. I do feel thinking outside the box often creates new possibilities for problem resolution. As councilman I hope to balance the town board on key issues and be a strong voice for my constituents. Thank you and I humbly ask for your support on election day.

Councilman, town of Hunter

Name: Dolph Semenza

Age: 71

Family: Wife, Patricia; son, Dolph; three grandchildren

Residence: Tannersville

How long you’ve lived in the county: 41 years

Occupation: Retired, former owner of The Village Market, Tannersville, for 40 years

Are you an incumbent: Yes

Elected offices: Hunter town councilman since 2002

Party lines on the ballot: Democratic, Republican, Conservative

College: St. Joseph and Upsala College.

Military service: None

What do you think is the top issue facing your community?

Currently, the town of hunter is in a real estate growth and our board is trying to balance the new and different types projects — commercial, residential and recreational.

Why do you think you will be a good councilman?

I will work to keep the health and safety of residents in the forefront.

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