Zotique announces run for Congress

Photo by Bobby Miller Osun Zotique is the first trans nonbinary person to run for the 19th Congressional District in New York. If elected, they would be the first trans representative in Congress.

HUDSON — Osun Zotique, the executive director of OutHudson and a Ph.D. candidate in Education at the University of Buffalo, officially filed to run for New York’s newly reapportioned 19th Congressional District.

Zotique is the first trans nonbinary person to run for the 19th District. If elected, they would be the first trans person in U.S. history to be elected to the House of Representatives.

“I am running because as a transformative leader who is neither a man nor a woman I embody the unity that our country needs right now,” Zotique said Tuesday.

Zotique, 30, has lived in New York since they were 18 and has lived in Hudson since 2016. They recently ran as a write-in candidate for Hudson City School District’s Board of Education, but lost to Calvin Lewis, assistant director of the Hudson Youth Department.

“In the school board election we turned out almost twice the standing write-in record and remained as an appointed advisory stakeholder for various future collaborations to ensure that trans youth are fully protected and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy gets fully rolled out,” Zotique said.

Zotique is not a typical candidate for Congress. They didn’t major in political science, but instead philosophy at Fordham University. And they don’t wear suits or pantsuits, but rather gender neutral attire. But, Zotique feels that their distinctions contribute to the importance and historic nature of their candidacy.

“I am the first trans person to stand for national elected office, and that was a glass ceiling I was uncomfortable leaving unshattered,” Zotique said.

Some of Zotique’s policy positions include: Ensuring abortion rights are settled law; protecting national parks; giving real estate rights back to Indigenous tribes, expanding the health care marketplace; expanding 529 funds for student debt; and forgiving direct student loans. More of Zotique’s policy points can be found at their campaign website: https://zotique.org/ny19

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