GREENPORT — Two calls that involved utilities keep Greenport firefighters busy Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday afternoon, a damaged utility pole with live wires brought firefighters to Fairview Avenue.

At about 1:14 p.m., Columbia County 911 sent Greenport Fire Department to the Speedway gas station at 365 Fairview Ave., after it was reported that a utility pole was leaning over and live wires were down.

When fire officials arrived on the scene, they ordered the store closed for safety reasons, and requested National Grid respond to replace the pole, Greenport Fire Chief John Onufrychuk Jr. said.

The pole had rotted away at the base and the wind Thursday was strong enough to push it over, Onufrychuk said.

Fire officials requested fire police to assist with traffic.

The scene was turned over to National Grid and all firefighters were back in service, at 1:53 p.m.

On Friday morning, smoke in a residence brought firefighters to 276 Washington Blvd. At about 10:58 a.m., a caller told Columbia County 911 that they saw and smelled smoke in their home.

When Greenport Fire Department arrived, they reported there was a light haze of smoke and began investigating its source.

After checking neighboring homes, it was discovered that they also had smoke inside, Onufrychuk said.

The problem was traced back to the town water and sewer department, which was performing maintenance in the area.

The workers were injecting fake smoke into the sewer system to make sure it was working properly. Some of that smoke made its way through the pipes and into some of the homes, Onufrychuk said.

All firefighters were back in service by 11:30 a.m.

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