Slogan wanted: Must be catchy, memorable, sum up New Lebanon

The New Lebanon Town Hall at 14755 Route 22. Contributed photo

NEW LEBANON — The Town of New Lebanon is seeking input for a new slogan.

New Lebanon has never had a town slogan, and will be looking for public input for slogan ideas.

The town recently adopted a new logo, which will be used for town marketing and branding, and it is not as a replacement for the town seal. New Lebanon’s Business Economic Development was started to help support local businesses and one of its subcommittees is outreach and marketing, Town Supervisor Tistrya Houghtling said.

“Outreach and marketing can be multiple layers, one is encouraging people to come and visit our town and support our local businesses and what gear things we have in New Lebanon and why they should come,” Houghtling said. “Another is a welcome packet both for new businesses and new residents and the other is encouraging new businesses and people looking to relocated that New Lebanon is a wonderful place for them to call home.”

A town seal more historical, and is used for letterheads and things of that nature, Houghtling said.

“We have now adopted the logo, and we are now moving on to the slogan,” Houghtling said. “There was a misunderstanding I believe on my part that the slogan had to be incorporated in the logo, so I thought there was this rush to get the slogan done in the time frame of the logo design.”

At last month’s town board meeting Outreach and Marketing had put out some ideas for a new slogan. Houghtling said the board liked the idea of the slogan being, ‘Historically Natural.’ She explained the feedback she received from people about that slogan was that they did not like it.

“So what the Outreach and Marketing subcommittee did was come up with a proposal to the town board to say we want more input from the residents,” Houghtling said. “When you’re going to have something as important as a slogan which represents what the town is, it really needs to have buy-in from the community.”

The slogan will be chosen in a two-step process Houghtling said. The first is a call for slogan ideas from residents. Business Economic Development will narrow down the list of suggested slogans down to no more than five options, Houghtling said, and the residents will then be able to vote for their choice of a new slogan.

“We just got through with the new logo, which we got some great input from the town, it was so nice,” Outreach and Marketing member Sharon Powers said. “And we thought when you get more buy-in from the town then people are more proud of what they do. The more buy-in that we have, I think more people will have more pride about New Lebanon.”

The BEDC hopes to be able to present the new slogan at the October meeting, Powers said. She said they are expecting a lot of people to want to submit slogan ideas.

There are several different ways to submit a slogan idea — by submitting the online form which can be found on the town website, by phone, mail or by dropping it off at the New Lebanon Town Hall. You are asked to include your name, residential address, slogan idea and contact information. C/O Town Supervisor, PO Box 328, 14755 NY-22, New Lebanon, NY 12125, 518-794-8889 (leave voicemail with requested information)

The town’s slogan announcement states: “Town slogans are short, catchy phrases used to convey something memorable about a town. They often appear in welcome signs and other town materials. Each resident is encouraged to submit one slogan suggestion. Slogan submissions should be no more than five words long. The person to create the winning slogan will win a prize. Slogan ideas can be submitted until the deadline of Aug. 8 at 9 p.m.”

“We’ve never had a slogan and we’ve never had a logo,” Houghtling said. “Some towns do and some towns don’t. But we’ve actually never had one, so this is brand new. We’ve always had the town seal, but we’ve never actually had a slogan so it’s not replacing anything, it’s just creating something that didn’t exist before.”

People from all walks of life in New Lebanon are encouraged to submit their ideas, Houghtling said.

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As a non-resident I can only suggest :”More Than Just A Speedway.”

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