HUDSON — Thousands of face masks are being delivered to Columbia County school districts this week.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office delivered masks to four of the school districts in the county Wednesday. Capt. Louis Bray said they hoped to finish delivering masks to the remaining districts Thursday.

Bray said Emergency Management Director David Harrison worked with New York state to acquire the masks on behalf of Columbia County for the school districts.

“We received 14,000 masks from the New York state stockpile to distribute to schools,” Bray said. “The way that they were distributed is based upon enrollment in each district. “They were broken down based on enrollment. Each school received a different allocation of masks. Obviously, some schools are larger than others.”

The office allocated 3,000 masks to Ichabod Crane Central School District, 3,000 masks to Hudson City School District, 2,000 masks to Taconic Hills Central School District, 2,000 masks for Chatham Central School District and 1,000 masks at New Lebanon Central School District, 1,000 masks for Germantown Central School District and 2,000 masks for Questar III.

Half the amount of masks given to each school district were adult-size masks and the other half were child-size masks, Bray said. The face masks given to the school districts are cloth face masks.

“This is a proactive measure to make sure that those who do not have masks are afforded the opportunity to have them if need be,” Bray said. “It’s important we do our part to make sure everybody who needs a mask, or wants a mask, can get a mask.”

Schools throughout Columbia County reopened for the fall semester last week. New York state requires all students, staff and visitors to wear a mask in school buildings, regardless of vaccination status.

Younger students — those who are 12 or younger — are not eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at this time.

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