HUDSON — A man was killed Wednesday afternoon after the motorcycle he was driving collided with a car on Prospect Avenue, state police said.

The fatal accident happened at about 2 p.m. near the main entrance to Columbia Memorial Health. Prospect Avenue was closed for several hours between Warren Street and Columbia Turnpike while police investigated.

The motorcycle was engulfed in flames following the crash and was put out by a fire extinguisher.

Paramedics from Greenport Rescue Squad performed CPR on the unidentified man on the sidewalk outside of the hospital following the crash, with hospital staff assisting at the scene.

The man was placed on a stretcher and taken by Greenport Rescue to Columbia Memorial’s emergency room, where he reportedly died.

The car involved in the crash was parked in the valet parking area of the hospital after the accident. State police, who arrived first on the accident scene, roped off the area with police tape. Hudson Police assisted at the accident scene.

The Hudson Fire Department and Greenport Rescue Squad responded to the accident at 2:03 p.m.

Wednesday’s crash was the third fatal motorcycle accident in the Twin Counties this year. A Ghent man died April 25, when he collided with a tractor trailer on Route 23A in Haines Falls, and a Hopewell Junction man was killed June 23, after an accident with a dump truck on Route 9H in Claverack.

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Thank you for writing this comment. I was driving out of Hudson on 23 just as the motorcycle came flying past me...on his tail at speeds I can hardly imagine, two cop cars. I had such a pit in my stomach driving on and even spoke with my daughter beside me about it. We were so worried that the motorcycle would not be able to maintain that speed without major incident. What a tragic. heart breaking outcome.


I am very upset at this event. Cops know they aren't supposed to chase motorcycles after they reach a certain speed. I'm not bashing by any means but I am saying that this young man would still be alive if cops had backed off. If anyone attacks this person i will reply because no one knows the actual reason expect for family and all I ask is that you have some respect and don't say anything negative. No parent should have to outlive their child much less now bury one. R.I.P and fly high over the rainbow bridge you will be missed.

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