Hudson sites serve as backdrops for photo shoot

Sites around Hudson are used for a fashion photo shoot. Natasha Vaughn/Columbia-Greene Media

HUDSON — Hudson is once again the backdrop for a Gymboree fashion shoot.

Photos for the children’s clothing company’s holiday line are being taken in and around Hudson this week.

Dwitiya Coogan and her husband Michael run a production company called SEQS Productions which is working on a photo shoot for Gymboree this week in and around Hudson.

“This is for their holiday collection,” said Dwitiya Coogan. “We will be in and around Hudson for six days, this is day four.”

The production company Wednesday took photos at a home near Columbia Memorial Health. Coogan said they will be shooting on Warren Street on Thursday and in Catskill on Friday.

Parents walked with children from trailers parked along Prospect Avenue to the photo shoot. Dozens of children wearing red holiday attire waited their turn to be photographed.

Over the six days of shooting between 90 and 120 children are being photographed, Dwitiya Coogan said. Photos from this week’s sessions will be used in November and December to showcase Gymboree’s holiday collection.

“Today is one of the heavier days,” Coogan said. “It’s a 35 to 37 shot day. That’s considered to be a heavier day, usually when we’re on location 15 shots is a lot to deal with and we’re talking 35.”

The production company was previously taking photos for Gymboree in Hudson this past May.

“Michael and I have been to Hudson many times,” Dwitiya Coogan said. “It feels good and safe here; it feels familiar,” Coogan said.

Some of the sites used for the holiday collection had been scouted when the company was here last spring, Dwitiya Coogan said. The Coogans scout locations all over the United States. When they do photo shoots from New York City or New Jersey, their goal is to find locations within a few hours drive from there.

“This is a family collection,” Dwitiya Coogan said. “So we also have two adult models, just to make it look like a family having a Christmas celebration.”

Dwitiya Coogan credited the help of the Hudson police and local officials such as Hudson Chief L. Edward Moore and Mayor Kamal Johnson.

“We would like to say thank you to the mayor, the police chief, to the representatives and to all the residents for letting us be here,” Dwitiya Coogan said. “I hope that we are bringing them a decent amount of business, everyone is going out shopping and eating, and the parents that are bringing their children in for the shoot and they’re all having a good time on Warren Street. So I hope that this is a mutually beneficial relationship.”

She said they helped to make this week’s shoot possible and helped to bring in the production company and all of the people working with them and their business to the City of Hudson this week.

“We can see that Hudson wants business, which is great for both parties,” Dwitiya Coogan said.

The company and crew have been staying at the Wick Hotel, eating at local restaurants and shopping on Warren Street. Things were difficult during COVID, Dwitiya Coogan said. She said she is happy to return to big shoots. Gymboree is one of a number of SEQS clients. The Coogans started the business in 2017.

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