Hudson returns to 2-day recycling collection schedule

A Christmas tree on Rope Alley ready to be taken to the chipper.

HUDSON — Starting this week, the city is returning to a two-day recycling pickup schedule.

If your garbage is collected on Mondays, then your recycling will be picked up on Wednesdays. Likewise if your garbage is collected on Tuesdays, your recycling will be picked up on Thursdays.

The Department of Public Works suggests that everyone in Hudson puts out their recyclables the night before, as most pickups will take place in the early morning.

According to the city’s website, all recycling must be placed in containers labeled “City of Hudson.” Though the DPW said this is not entirely necessary. The recyclables will be accepted in any open container just as long as sanitation workers can tell if perishable trash is mixed in with the recycling.

Department of Public Works Superintendent Rob Perry said Hudson is returning to a two=day recycling pickup schedule similar to what was instituted from 1988 to 2014. This is mainly because the influx of new residents is too much for the department to handle with one day of pickup.

“We used to do 4 to 5 tons of recycling,” Perry said. “Now we do 11 to 12 tons per week.”

If you are staring at your Christmas tree wondering how it will go away, the DPW suggests dragging it to the curb. Hudson residents can leave their Christmas trees on the street where they usually place their garbage bins. But do not expect the city to collect your tree anytime soon.

“It is not the lowest priority on our list, but it is damn close to it,” Perry said.

The DPW is stretched thin and since Christmas trees don’t smell when they decompose, Perry is not worried about removing them.

When the sanitation workers have a slow day, the trees will be collected and brought to a wood chipper behind St. Mary’s Church. The deadline for the city to pick up Christmas trees is Jan. 28.

Direct any questions or concerns to the DPW office at 518-828-9458.

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