HUDSON — The Common Council will vote Tuesday on entering a $24,000 one-year lease for the code enforcement office, making way for the sale of 429 Warren St.

The code enforcement office is located in a space at 429 Warren St., a building with unused space on three stories in the city’s business district. The move would make way for the sale of the 4th Street building.

The department has one full-time employee — code enforcement officer Craig Haigh — and three part-time employees.

The 4th Street property, which is off the tax roll, was assessed for $570,000 in 2020, according to property records.

The city purchased the building for $95,000 on April 5, 1995, according to city clerk Tracy Delaney. The building was purchased to provide additional space for Hudson City Court, according to a July 19, 1994, resolution.

The building still has a City Court Clerk’s Office sign on its exterior, but the old court space, a ground-floor office front, sits unused. The second and third floor have old empty apartments ripe for renovation, Common Council President Thomas DePietro said in April.

The council will vote on a resolution Tuesday to authorize Mayor Kamal Johnson to execute a $2,000 per month one-year lease, including utilities, for the department to move to 751 Warren Street.

The one-year lease opportunity with Rapkow Ltd. would begin July 1. At the new location, the office would be Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant, which it currently is not.

A parking lot adjacent to the office building will have designated spaces for the code department, DePietro said Thursday.

There is an ADA parking spot in the lot next to the side entrance to the building.

The city inquired with local real estate agents seeking comparable space on Warren Street of about 700 square feet and determined the average price was about $25 per square foot, according to the resolution. But none of the spaces at that price had sufficient ADA access or included full utilities.

The city pays an annual utility bill of roughly $8,000 for the current code department office because the entire building needs to be heated for the office to be warm, DePietro said.

An analysis done by Public Works Superintendent Robert Perry in February determined the annual operating cost of 429 Warren St. to the city is $7,021, or $42,126 over six years.

The code enforcement department was involved with the search at every stage and looks forward to the move, DePietro said.

The department will ultimately be housed in City Hall with the other city departments.

Amid a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the city’s lack of ADA compliances, the city is weighing the fate of City Hall. The city plans to either renovate City Hall on 520 Warren St. to make it ADA compliant or move it to 400 State St., the former Hudson Area Library, owned by the Galvan Foundation.

The city is considering both options, pursuing a $475,000 bond for the 520 Warren St. renovation and accepting a $100,000 donation from the Galvan Foundation to study the State Street building’s feasibility.

The foundation would donate the building to the city along with $1.4 million for renovations if the city pursues the State Street building for City Hall.

Either way, the code enforcement department will end up in City Hall for the long-term, DePietro said.

The city was considering renting a portable office for the code department until it is housed in City Hall, but the options were considerably more expensive than the Seventh Street lease, DePietro said.

The council will also vote on a budget amendment Tuesday for the cost of the lease.

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