HUDSON — A resolution was proposed at the Common Council informal meeting Tuesday supporting a reduction in the Hudson Police Department budget and investment in alternative public safety measures.

The resolution calls for the Board of Estimate and Apportionment to cut the 2020 police budget by 13% in the 2021 budget and direct about $300,000 of the savings into a budget line for alternative public safety initiatives.

Common Council President Thomas DePietro, 4th Ward Alderman John Rosenthal and 1st Ward Alderwoman and Minority Leader Rebecca Wolff worked with writers of the Hudson Breathe Act to create the resolution, DePietro said Tuesday.

Fifth Ward Alderwoman Eileen Halloran questioned the purpose of the resolution.

“I think we have to be mindful and have a plan that’s more than, you know, we’ll talk about it in the future,” she said.

Rosenthal defended the resolution, saying it is a start.

“I think as a statement of basic principles, this resolution is pretty fair in saying the per capita spending we do as a community for policing is very high and the desire to reallocate those resources is a fair one,” Rosenthal said. “And it fits in with the government’s mandate to local communities, as well as what the mayor is trying to do, so as the Common Council, we should take this seriously and find a way forward rather than punting on it.”

The 2020 adopted operating budget for the Hudson Police Department was $3,061,304, according to the resolution.

The resolution is the first of more to come that stem from the Breathe Act, DePietro said.

“The Breathe Act was a very long and complex document that we sort of have taken apart and tried to put back together parts of it that are doable, so there will be more coming forth from this whole effort,” DePietro said.

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