HUDSON — The city’s Tourism Board is looking for new members to serve a two-year appointment.

The chairman, 3rd Ward Alderman Calvin Lewis, serves in that capacity because he also chairs the city’s Economic Development Committee.

The city is looking for eight members, Lewis said Wednesday. Members of the tourism board during Mayor Rick Rector’s administration were typically a mix of business owners or leaders of community nonprofits.

“As chair of the tourism board I am working with the mayor’s office to develop a vision for the tourism board,” Lewis said. “The [Common Council] will select four members and the mayor’s office will select four members. The board is seeking members who are passionate about Hudson and who have a commitment to Hudson.”

A local law was introduced earlier this month by the Common Council that would take proceeds from the Lodging Tax enacted in 2017 and transfer them to the city budget’s general fund. The funds were originally meant for the tourism board for the purpose of marketing the city to potential visitors.

The lodging tax, which was enacted June 1, 2017, requires most providers of short-term lodging to assess, collect and remit to the city a 4% lodging tax. The annual application fee is $45 per address plus $15 per room offered for short-term lodging. The annual registration form and fee is due between March 1 and March 31 of each year.

The Tourism Board would keep $300,000 already collected in its coffers, but would now be required to go to the Common Council for any additional funding, just like other city boards and committees.

Last August, the Common Council voted against entering into an agreement with the Tennessee-based marketing company Chandlerthinks at the request of the Tourism Board to come up with a study that would help market Hudson.

The Council also considered bringing Steve Chandler, founder of Chandlerthinks, to Hudson, to make a presentation to the Council at a cost of $2,000. But the resolution was tabled in November when it was announced a new tourism board would be appointed in January.

Lewis said at the Common Council meeting on Jan. 21 at City Hall, 520 Warren St., he is hoping the Tourism Board will advance local businesses and find the common ground between the community and tourism without one taking precedence over the other.

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