Another avenue to deliver holiday cheer

Brightly lit trees will soon adorn the center of Copake as part of the Adopt-a-Tree program. Contributed photo

COPAKE — Town leaders are working on the annual holiday Adopt-a-Tree program.

Copake Community Service Inc. is holding its annual Adopt-a-Tree program and will begin decorating trees after Thanksgiving.

“It’s a program that we do each year,” Copake Community Service Inc. President Rus Davis said. “Trees are put out and decorated and folks adopt them in honor of or in memory of whomever they choose and that’s how we support the program.”

This year about 30 trees will be adopted, decorated and put on display in front of participating businesses around Copake. For $30 anyone can adopt a tree and have it be dedicated in memory of someone or in honor of a person or business.

“People are allowed to adopt them for any purpose they choose to,” Davis said. “We have a form they fill out, it gets laminated and attached to the tree, so people can see what’s being done.”

Davis prepares the trees and gets them into place. This year he is picking up 27 trees to be set up. Some permanent trees in Copake also get decorated as part of the program.

On Nov. 28, the trees will be decorated with lights and a tag will be displayed on each tree, naming who the tree is dedicated to.

Anyone wishing to adopt a tree can make a $30 check out to Copake Community Service, Inc.

Checks may be dropped off at the Copake General Store, Copake Wine Works and Dad’s Diner, or at the clerk’s office at town hall.

The trees will be displayed around Copake until they are taken down after Jan. 6.

Davis said he started the program in the early 1990s and has been doing it for nearly 30 years. The number of trees changes each year based on how many businesses want to participate. Davis said they usually decorate about 30 trees.

“Different towns have different ways of decorating their towns,” Davis said. “This was our way, because it’s a small community, it was a way just to brighten up the center of town a little bit. It was done to highlight the memorial in town and the businesses in town and just make it a little cheerier in the middle of a cold, dark winter.”

Visitors can walk around and look at the trees and dedications, Davis said.

Three trees are placed around the historic clock in the center of Copake. The clock is a memorial dedicated to those who have served in the military, Davis said.

All the trees are displayed outdoors, on public property in Copake. This makes looking at the trees a COVID-safe activity this holiday season.

“This program has been going on for many years, it’s sponsored by Copake Community Service Inc. and it’s carried out in part by people who are members of the Copake Hamlet Revitalization Task Force,” Copake Town Supervisor Jeanne Metzler said. “Once the trees are decorated with lights we go around and put the tags on all the trees, so the community gets to help decorate the hamlet, and it’s a nice program.”

Copake Community Service Inc. is a local nonprofit organization.

Anyone who wishes to help with decorating can gather in the parking lot by the Copake General Store at 1 p.m. Nov. 28.

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