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NMHS Seminar Series: In Hostile Waters with Author William H. White

Join us for the 2019 annual Richard Belliveau Seminar as author and NMHS Trustee William H. White weaves real historical characters with a few fictitious ones in his fascinating novel In Hostile Waters – The Cruise of USS Argus.  It is 1813, and the United States Brig of War, Argus, commanded by W. Henry Allen, is tasked with carrying the U.S. Minister to France. Following the safe delivery of the minister, Argus was ordered to sail into British waters and become a commerce raider for as long as possible – an inherently perilous, open-ended commission. Oliver Baldwin (The Greater the Honor, In Pursuit of Glory) sails as 1st Lieutenant. Edward Ballantyne (When Fortune Frowns, Gun Bay) commands the British ship sent to stop them.

The Public is invited. Please register here or contact NMHS at 914-737-7878, ext. 0 if you plan to attend. A $5-$10 donation is appreciated.

Contact Information
914-737-7878, ext. 0
Hendrick Hudson Free Library, 185 Kings Ferry Road, Montrose, NY