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An Evening of Greek Music with Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, and the Maria Manousaki Quartet

Join us for an Evening of Greek Music at Race Brook Lodge with Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma and The Maria Manousaki Quartet! 
As part of their fourth annual U.S. tour on the back of their new double record “Lunar,” Legendary lyra players Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma visit Race Brook Lodge with a quartet featuring Tev Stevig and Michael K. Harrist of Çesni Trio. 

The modal music that Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma explore seems to exist outside time, weaving strands from so many parts of the world and combining past, present, and future together in gliding, mesmerizing melodies. “Modal music – music that’s based around tones or modes rather than Western scales – covers a region that stretches from the north west of Africa to west China,” Daly explains. “All of those areas have things in common, and they’re all constantly changing and evolving.”

Daly and Thoma are masters of the Mediterranean lyra, a bowed fiddle that also has more than a dozen sympathetic strings. Daly has spent his life exploring the possibilities and connections in modal music, recording and performing all over the globe as well as hosting the annual Labyrinth music workshop in his home village of Houdetsi on the island of Crete. Daly and Thoma appeared at New York’s Carnegie Hall in 2015 and are regular visitors to the U.S. almost every year. Their new release “Lunar” has spent several months in the top of the Transglobal World Music Chart, rubbing shoulders with releases from Boubacar Traore, Anouar Brahem and Jivan Gasparyan. Jan Willem Broek in subjectivism.nlwrites, “This music we hear on ‘Lunar’ is a contemporary expression of the beauty of modality from the various global traditions. These traditions are completely transformed into a new and visionary musical universe. Daly and Thoma know how to take you effortlessly into their grip. Only at the end of this wonderful world trip will you return to reality.” For more info and bios, &

Maria Manousaki stands out as one of Greece’s most successful and versatile musical talents, working to great acclaim and commercial success as a violin performer and band leader, Maria's musical style can be best categorized within the jazz and world music scene. The Maria Manousaki Quartet features Marius Van den Brink (piano), Ervin Dimo (bass) & Engin Gunaydin (drums).

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