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Blue- Opening Reception

Show runs Dec 7th thru Feb 2nd.

Sat 1-5pm

Sun 1:30-4pm

Gallery at 46 Green Street is pleased to present its latest exhibit "BLUE." We organized the show around the word blue because of its inherent ambiguity with different definitions ranging from color, to mood, to a suggestion of the pornographic. Blue has multiple meanings in an array of cultural constructs that have no basis in fact. Although the word has a common association with melancholy, there are Japanese studies that show that neighborhoods that were continuously exposed to blue light report a reduction in suicide rates. While blue is often associated with coolness, in astronomy a Doppler "blue shift" indicates that a star is hotter than others. Common associations of the word with boys (baby boys) is directly at odds with the nineteenth century tradition during which blue was associated with girls (baby girls). Artists in this show have submitted work exploring an array of subjects and concepts using the variability of the word, not merely color. We hope that the indeterminate nature of the word will free the viewer to allow the immediate and spontaneous response to a neutral stimulus, before the mind interjects a cognitive interpretation of a cultural construct of gender, emotion, or judgment that is not grounded in an objective reality. Adopting this initial spontaneous response to a work of art, free of any preconceived notions, may open the viewer to a richer experience and appreciation of art. Enjoy!

Gallery at 46 Green Street
46 Green Street
Hudson, New York 12534