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The law of the land in New York

January 25, 2019 10:05 pm

Despite the dust kicked up by passage of the state’s Reproductive Health Act, New York took the proper critical action to fend off the Supreme Court’s threat to a woman’s right to choose.

A few weeks after Judge Brett Kavanaugh took the oath to become the newest Supreme Court justice, West Virginia and Alabama passed state constitutional amendments that could ban abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned, according to the New York Times News Service.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court will be answerable to the fate of Roe v. Wade, but it is a law built to withstand bumps in the road. Roe’s demise will begin on the state level, requiring the effort to push back to be nationwide and expansive.

Roe could also be decimated quietly by means of lower court decisions upholding more extreme anti-abortion laws. So, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn Roe by its own devices, the lower courts could stealthily roll back women’s constitutional right to the procedure.

Conservative state policymakers since 2010 have been passing laws that are designed to draw lawsuits challenging their constitutionality and provide opportunities for at least one of these cases to reach a Supreme Court interested in rolling back abortion rights, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which monitors reproductive rights.

The 424 abortion restrictions enacted in just the last eight years comprise more than a third of all abortion restrictions enacted since Roe was decided in 1973. Although some have been challenged in court, most are in effect, according to the institute’s website.

With passage of the Reproductive Health Act, women in New York don’t have to fear their reproductive rights will be taken away by a conservative Supreme Court bent on realizing President Donald Trump’s vow to terminate Roe v. Wade if he was elected. From now on, a woman’s most personal health decision will be between her and her doctor. Politicians will not dictate the terms.

The Reproductive Health Act will shield women from judges, lawyers and elected officials committed to stopping them from exercising their reproductive rights. It truly makes Roe v. Wade the law of the land in New York state.

Planned Parenthood puts most of its clinics in black and minority neighborhoods to "control the population" and that its founder, Margaret Sanger, "was not particularly enamored with black people." Sanger’s appearance at one KKK event is well documented. Sanger wrote about the event herself in her 1938 autobiography "Margaret Sanger: an Autobiography." She was also later criticized for her work with the "Negro Project," a controversial program that aimed to provide birth control services to black communities. According to a research organization at New York University specializing in Sanger, the program failed to speak with members of the black community before it was implemented and has been criticized as being racist.
This had nothing to do with women’s rights, it was a way for the democratic party and beliefs to stop minorities from “over populating” without genocide, not really unlike the Nazi’s
Look at what the governor of NY just signed into legislation!
Russian Trolls and other flame throwers have been slandering Planned Parenthood with blood liable accusations on comment boards like this and it needs to be called out for the hate crime slander that it is.

Sanger stood for a woman's right to control her own body as a foundational human right. Pimps and slavemaster along with men who want a slave not a mate object to this.

She believed that the decision to have or not have a child was an individual choice.

She advocated birth control as a means of avoiding indiscriminate abortion procedures which at her time were largely considered illegal and involved mortal risks to women.

The LIE that Sanger was "against black people" is promulgated by the NAZI organization "Stormfront" and has long been outed on the web and is featured on SNOPES factcheck, and elsewhere as a TOTALLY FALSIFIED PHOTOGRAPH. By the way, it would only appear genuine to someone with a single digit IQ.

Unlike other tidbits of lore that have since evolved to paint Sanger as unapologetically racist, the veracity of the photograph depicting her addressing female KKK members was easily determined. An original version of the photograph in question was uploaded to the white supremacist web site Stormfront in February 2008, and it shows that the original image featured a lit cross that was edited out and replaced with an picture of Sanger:

You can google it. Here is the link:

Please moderator, if you're going to start posting disinformation from Stromfront sites, stop blocking much more moderate opinions from your other subscribers.
I am reporting "ILIVEHERE"'s comment as it is full of proven lies, misinformation that was apparently fabricated by the American Nazi website Stormfront now banned on Facebook, and other fake news sites that were established by Russian Intelligence leading up to the 2015 primaries and 2016 election.

There are about 650 Planned Parenthood health centers currently in the United States in neighborhoods and communities providing coverage to all applicants and women in need.

There are more than 9,800 health center delivery sites in the federal Health Center Program and about 4,100 in the Rural Health Clinic program.Jan 18, 2017.

The Blood Libel statements regarding Margaret Sanger are well known NAZI LIES and Propaganda that was fabricated and this can be confirmed if you simply Google: fake Sanger Photo w/KKK spread by NAZI hate sites. Snopes can also be checked.

Intelligence Committee investigations and reports into the Trump/Russian election scandal has released known links between the Russian GRU and FSB intelligence apparatus and their contractors like the Internet Research Agency (IRA) or "trollfarm," have been confirmed responsible for setting up fake entities that targeted groups like Black Lives Matter with fraudulent Face Book groups designed to mimic their concerns and then poison them with the types of Anti-Semitic memes and lies that permeate the "ILIVEHERE" post published as a comment above.

Not here, thank you, not in New York State, or America. We don't need Nazi lies and poison.