"Walking Art Observations in a Mindful Landscape" is a participatory art-in-nature meditation, site-specific to the landscape interventions at S.U.N.F.A.R.M (http://sky-spirals.org/sunfarm/). Axial pathways lead participants to find a connection between the axes in the landscape and the sky above. The paths are aligned to the East-West and North-South directions and act as sundials, instruments of timekeeping by revealing the apparent solar path in the sky. The dynamic perception of the local landscape and surrounding sky promotes states of mindfulness; participants become aware of where they are in space and time in a dynamic meditation that promotes focus and relaxation.


The selected axial path is “Meditation Path” with “Time Helix” as the focal point (http://sky- spirals.org/sunfarm/east.html) “Meditation Path” is a 135-foot path, 30-inches wide and aligned to the north-south axis. The entrance of the path is framed by Mindfulness Torii, a timber arch that marks the transition between places and the beginning of a meditation on the environment. Going through the “Meditation Path” initiates the awareness of being part of a system, made by ourselves and the environment. The act of walking through this path, while being aware of breathing and experiencing different events in the landscape and the sky, is a reminder of this interconnectedness; it also creates awareness of the presence of the participant in the surrounding environment in the time-based transformation of the geospatial coordinates of the participants.


The walking meditation is accompanied by a recording of the sound composition "Codex 126012" by Ak2deru. The site-specific sound installation has been realized to accompany visitors along their walking path within: it surrounds and supports slow walking, conscious breathing, ultimately the search for connection with the surrounding environment, and the artworks framing the meeting between earth and sky. An amplified microtonal choir consisting of multiple overdubs of individual voices (such as chant of the one and multiplicity) generates a mantric continuum through unconventional techniques of vocal emission, the result of experimental timbral research and at the same time deeply linked to archaic traditions. Singing as a way of connecting with invisible and deep energies, evoked always, in the various cultures of the world, through spiritual rituals of various kinds. The word, radically excluded within the choir, leaves room for pure vocality, pure vibration expressed through the natural instrument of the human body: the voice.


This project can be contextualized in the practices of walking art and walking meditation, finding a convergence between the two in the perception of the landscape. It also draws from the tradition of the Hudson River School, by revisiting the almost mystical view of the American landscape in a post-romantic appreciation of nature. Any participant can make art by the act of walking; perception itself becomes an artistic creation, in the meeting between the participant’s body with the land and sky, capturing the sublime of nature. "Walking Art Observations in a Mindful Landscape" also provides an educational opportunity for field learning with an introduction to naked-eye observational astronomy. The naked-eye observation of celestial events, mainly of the apparent solar path, was integrated with the overall life of traditional people, as documented in the monuments of archeoastronomy. Revisiting archeoastronomy and indigenous wisdom in the contemporary world can support the transformation toward a sustainable economy and lifestyle (https://medium.com/@danielabertol2018/the-growth-of-degrowth-from-a-circular-to-a-spiral-economy-2653f021cfc1).


"Walking Art Observations in a Mindful Landscape" and S.U.N.F.A.R.M. have been designed and realized by Daniela Bertol with assistance from Zoe Bertol-Foell for web development and art-in-nature construction. This event has been made possible in part by a grant from CREATE with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program.

Please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/walking-art-observations-in-a-mindful-landscape-tickets-158300927335



  • Occurred Sunday, June 20th, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm



465 Snydertown Rd
Craryville, NY 12521


Daniela Bertol

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