Woodstock Artists Association & Museum presents


Co-curated by Yael Eban and Jackie Hoving

February 12 — March 28, 2021

Tania Alvarez

Sean Corcoran

Todd Kelly

Jiatong Lu

Claire Sherwood

Mimi Young

Gabriel Zimmer

Deborah Zlotsky

WOODSTOCK — The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum presents an intimate group exhibition curated by Yael Eban and Jackie Hoving, co-directors of Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY, titled HOUSE & UNIVERSE. The exhibition, presented in the WAAM’s main exhibition space, opens Friday, February 12th, and continues through March 28, 2021, with the WAAM’s new limited hours of Friday through Sunday from noon-3 p.m.

The exhibition House & Universe brings together work by 8 artists working across various media. The exhibition takes its title from a chapter in the book The Poetics of Space by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, in which the author contemplates an experiential understanding of home as both a domestic environment and a place where imagination finds sanctuary. Bachelard considers “the house as a tool for analysis of the human soul,” drawing a parallel between the arrangement of objects in a house, and the ability of a person to think, visualize and imagine.

The relationship between materiality and domestic referent idea is explored by Claire Sherwood, Deborah Zlotsky, Todd Kelly, and Mimi Young. Zlotsky’s use of reclaimed vintage textiles, scarves, doilies, and blankets, is a tangible embodiment of the domestic feminine space of generations past. Claire Sherwood creates intimate rock-like sculptures using the negative space around her body as template, employing banal materials from everyday life like swept dirt from daily chores, or items found in the recycling bin. Todd Kelly’s iterative constructions are similarly comprised of a list of non-traditional materials. Each successive piece, based on the past and the future, creates an infinitely expanding universe, complete with the occasional cut-out portal. Mimi Young’s work is informed by memories of the banal and commonplace objects around her, creating a lyrical language of recycled shapes and gestural lines.

Jiatong Lu’s photographs create a sense of escape from daily circumstance by transporting the viewer outside the immediate world. Lu considers the memory of home as a traumatic space from which to escape. Lu’s photographs follow the fragmented and painful experiences of childhood, and in doing so explore themes of intimacy and isolation.

Gabriel Zimmer, Tania Alvarez, and Sean Corcoran react to their interior surroundings in different but equally resourceful ways. Zimmer creates striking still life photographs, taking unremarkable objects and juxtaposing them into vibrant visual puzzles. Meanwhile, Alvarez explores memory through a series of painted interior spaces. As a group, the paintings tell an autobiographical story about the isolation of living with chronic illness, and the shared human experience of being alone. Corcoran employs a mix of analog and digital photography techniques in order to investigate themes of space, object, and home.

General Information

The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum (WAAM) is located at 28 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY. Gallery hours: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from, noon-3 pm. The WAAM is closed during the major holidays. For general information please call: 845.679.2940 or visit our website at woodstockart.org

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