“… thrilling suspense with The Two Of Us Productions! ”

COPAKE — The Two Of Us Productions, the award winning theater company based in

Columbia County, is pleased to present virtual-live staged reading of two radio dramas

from Suspense Theater: The Burning Court and The Devil’s Saint. This performance, the

ninth in their Virtual Live-Staged Reading Series, is being presented on Saturday evening

August 8, 2020 at 7:30pm in collaboration with Friends Of The Copake Grange

In The Burning Court Edward Stevens, an book editor is on the train home, recounting the

story of the death of the rich uncle of his neighbor, Mark Despard. Uncle Miles had succumbed

to gastroenteritis, which had left him bedridden for days. Although this was considered death

from natural causes, a housemaid reported that a woman had been visiting him, who left

through a door that had been bricked up for years. As he opens the book he is bringing home

to edit, about murders by poison, and it begins with the trial and execution of Marie d’Aubray

in 1861. There is a daguerréotype of her attached to the chapter and it is an exact image of his

wife, Marie Stevens!

In The Devil’s Saint a man has to prove his love by spending a night in a mysterious bedroom

that kills its guests. The story opens in Paris in 1927 at a fancy dress ball in the opera house.

Lord Edward and Illona are enjoying themselves--until her uncle arrives. It is then

that Lord Edward tells her uncle, Count Stefan Kohari, that they want to get married. The

problem is that Edward and Illona have only known each other four days. Count Stefan

Kohari isn’t pleased. So, in order to “cure” Edward of this infatuation, Count Stephan

invites Lord Edward to his chateau. The trick is that he has to stay in the “Tapestry Room.”

Illona begs him not to do it. Will Lord Edward survive a night in the room, or will he too,


To learn the rest of these stories you’ll have to R.S.V.P to www.TheTwoOfUsProductions.org

and then see these thrilling dramas in the comfort of your own home on Saturday night August

8, 2020.

The Burning Court and The Devil’s Saint will be performed as a live-virtual staged reading

on Saturday August 8, 2020 at 7:30pm. Hurry to R.S.V.P and get your access code by visiting

www.TheTwoOfUsProductions.org . This performance is free to the public, donations are

gratefully accepted.

The Two Of Us Productions is well known throughout the Hudson Valley for presenting

quality theater, both musicals and dramas. Their recent productions of Sweeney Todd, Young

Frankenstein, Chicago, Les Miserables, next to normal, Mamma Mia! and Jesus Christ

Superstar were all recognized by the Theatre Association of NYS with multiple awards,

including outstanding work by the company & outstanding performance by the orchestra.

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