The CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck opens up the summer season outdoors with two distinct plays all about love and language

‘As You Like It’ and ‘The Language Archive’

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

The CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck opens up the summer season outdoors with two distinct plays all about love and language.

Opening on June 3 - CENTERstage Productions brings William Shakespeare’s As You Like It to life. Following the tradition of a romantic comedy, this tale of love at first-sight and mistaken identities is some of Shakespeare’s best and certainly brings forth one of Shakespeare’s most well-written female characters - Rosalind. “Thou speakest wiser than thou art ware of.” ~Rosalind, As You Like It.

With a cast of 23 and directed by Joe Eriole, this pastoral comedy is sure to delight all audiences out on the great lawn. As You Like It features performances by Andrew Austin, Alli Behnken, Mary Benjamin, Maggie Bogan, Terrence Boyer, Michael Britt, Maurice Chinnery, Mark Colvson, Elizabeth Crew, Ellie DeMan, Molly Feibel, Laura Ruth Hennessy, Steavie Hergenrader-Reed, Kyla Kelly, Maia LaSalvia, Caitlyn, Letteri, Jeremy Ratel, Laurel Riley-Brown, Matthew Ryan, Lauren Silverman, Denis Silvestri, Zack Steenbergen and Wendy Urban-Mead.

Presented at alternating performances with As You Like It, The CENTER is pleased to present Julia Cho’s modern fable The Language Archive. We meet George, a man consumed with preserving dying languages. Closer to home though, language is failing him. He doesn’t know what to say to his wife, Mary, to keep her from leaving him, and he doesn’t recognize the deep feelings that his assistant, Emma, has for him. “When we say a language dies, we are talking about a whole world, a whole way of life. It makes me much sadder than I could ever possibly express. Even with all of my languages, there still aren’t the right words.” ~George, The Language Archive.

With a small cast of seven and directed by Christine Crawfis, this wonderfully woven tale and the gaping hole between what is said and what is left un-said is sure to charm audiences of all ages.

The Language Archive features performances by Ann Citron, Kit Colbourn, Rick Meyer, Molly P. Myers, Janet Nurre, Bruce Pileggi and Douglas Woolley.


Performance of both As You Like It and The Language Archive are being presented outdoors from June 3 - 20; Thursday through Sunday at 6pm. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered by visiting Please note dates of both shows as they are playing at alternating performances. The media is cordially invited to preview and review the production.

The CENTER, a non-profit arts and education organization, is located at 661 Route 308, three miles east of the village center in Rhinebeck.

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