Music from The Princess and the Golden Yam Fairy Tale

The Hudson Tourist Board and The Bantabaa Theatre have teamed up to present a series of hour-long concerts for children and their families. The concerts will take place in Hudson over the Columbus Day weekend from October 9 to 10 and will contain all original music from the African fairytale The Princess and the Golden Yam, written by Cynthia Stephens. This musical presentation is designed to be enjoyed by children of all ages, ethnic groups and walks of life. The concerts will take place on Saturday, October 9 at 3 PM and 5 PM at the Hudson Youth Center, 18 South Third Street; and on Sunday, October 10 at 3 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 369 Warren Street. A pop-up performance is planned on the church steps, weather permitting. For tickets contact Cynthia Stephens at or call 838-219-0943. Tickets will be required for entry and will be free of charge. Masks are required for all indoor performances.

Cynthia Stephens, founder of The Bantabaa Theatre: Sacred Ground Productions said “I created this company to convey the African American experience through theatre, literature, music and dance. The Princess and the Golden Yam is a classic tale of good versus evil. It just happens to take place in an imaginary village in Africa. We’ve lined up some exceptional artists to bring this fairytale to life through song, and I’m happy to partner with the Hudson Tourist Board to accomplish this.” Dr. Stephens further explains that The Bantabaa Theatre is the performance arm of her company. Bantabaa is from the Mandinka language and means a special place to meet and visit with one another. She believes that art can open hearts faster than a debate or argument.

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