Tanja Grunert is pleased to announce the exhibition of norman douglas.

HUDFSON — Tanja Grunert Gallery is thrilled to present . . . a next to the last supper for an image of love, an exhibition by norman douglas. Appropriating Brazilian fotoromanzas from the 70s and any number of received ideas, douglas recomposes a once popular entertainment form to explore the empire of signs people use to transform what appears to be the experience of everyday life.

i first discovered the form i call “fotofunnies” (the name of an occasional page at the back of the 70s-era “national lampoon” magazine) in mexico city when i went there for a residency with vibeke jensen — the other half of “individual electric, i.e.” [seecv] — in 1996. they were sold there at newsstands as pocket-sized paperbacks known as fotonovelas.

The content varies from soap opera stuff to history and biography to true crime. i don’t know if the form continues to be produced.

The detournement possibilities struck me thanks to the situationists, which vibeke and me were deeply inspired by at the time.The series i use are taken from a brazilian blog that reposts

a full strip (known there and in italy as fotoromanzas) at regular intervals.

I did one in 2018 and forgot about it. i don’t know what sparked

me to revisit the medium in 2021. maybe it was the cockamamie crap crawling with crazy that i see and hear creeping everywhere people act like “make-believe” is real. maybe i was bored. maybe it was nothing.

I don’t pay much attention to what’s written in the originals before i start writing directly into photoshop, replacing the published text and word balloons as i go.

I do them in one sitting, maybe two hours.

I’m interested in language more than anything, but other stuff seeps in.

norman douglas does way too much, even tho he says he does as little as possible. he lives alone while advocating community. he writes poems on the street and says he’s not a poet. he uses human languages to say that language fails to create the true realm of the unspeakable. he knows we’re not even people and says the planet would still be perfectly invaluable without animals to validate its worth. mostly he wants to not want. also, he pays the rent to sleep in the apartment he calls home in hudson, new york.

Friday, October 15 — Sunday, November 7

The gallery is open Friday through Sunday, 12 - 6 p.m. and by appointment: call 646.944.6197 or email tanja@tanjagrunert.com.

Opening Reception

Please join us at the opening reception of . . . a next to the last supper for an image of love by norman douglas

5 – 9 p.m., Friday, October 15

Princess Beatrix House, 21 Prospect Ave. Hudson

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