Richard Lovrich’s book Have a Very Bad Day asks life’s important questions.

“Can a colonoscopy lead to romance?

Why was that Portuguese Man O’ War hiding in a laundry basket?

Did that little girl really mean to leave her brother to drown?

His recently published book Have a Very Bad Day is a collection of terse tales reminds us that on our way to success, life may place a boulder, an ax, the Large Hadron Super Collider, a bullet, an unfaithful spouse, a conflagration, cannibal, dishwasher, French baker, hamburger or meteor in our path. If you laugh at these stories, that is OK, as bad people need books too.”

We hope you enjoy this cheery conversation with Writers Institute Director Paul Grondahl and graphic artist, photographer, and writer Richard Lovrich. Paul and Richard worked together at the Albany Times Union before Richard moved on to take a position as creative director at Proctors in Schenectady.

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