Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to present “Place as Memory”, a group exhibit exploring the interpretation of landscape through memory. As place is reinterpreted by the mind, details are altered, and characteristics become imbued with an artist’s personal style or emotional outlook. Featured artists, Richard Britell, Sue Bryan, Shawn Dulaney, Susan Hope Fogel, Eric Lindbloom, Ricardo Mulero, Linda Newman Boughton and Leigh Palmer highlight this process with ethereal landscapes, abstracted by the mind’s eye as if from a distant memory. The show will be on view December 1 – January 31. We are unable to host an opening reception at this time, but we are open to the public with easy protocols in place to keep you safe during your visit!

Richard Britell of Pittsfield, MA, is known for photo-realist paintings of historic building facades throughout Manhattan.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the gallery will feature a selection of paintings on Venetian plaster by Shawn Dulaney.

Ricardo Mulero was born in Puerto Rico and went on to live in Manhattan & Fire Island before moving to Hudson, NY.

Linda Newman Boughton’s third exhibit with the gallery will feature her Baroque inspired landscape drawings made entirely with blue ball point pens.

For Irish born artist, Sue Bryan, the landscapes of her homeland remain a major influence on her detailed drawings made with charcoal and carbon pencil.

Susan Hope Fogel painted exclusively in a traditional realist manner before working with Deconstructionist artist, Paul Ching-Bro, who taught her new forms of expression in watercolor.

Leigh Palmer remains devoted to the countryside that serves as a source of meditation and challenge for the past 30 years.

Landscape photographer Eric Lindbloom’s elegant portrayal of nature’s rhythm is fueled by a meditative approach that allows visual metaphors to reveal themselves in time. Carrie Haddad Gallery is located at 622 Warren St in Hudson, NY and is open daily from 11-5pm (except Tuesdays by appointment only). Visit us online at

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