NEW WORK Alaina Enslen, Jeanette Fintz, Anne Francey, Jenny Nelson, June 9 – August 1st

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 12 from 5-7 p.m.

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to present “New Work” by a group of four esteemed artists, Alaina Enslen, Jeanette Fintz, Anne Francey and Jenny Nelson. These artists are unified by their response to an intangible inquiry and their ability to charge it with form, structure, and perspective. Stylistically distinct, the featured paintings, drawings and fabric collage tell a story about space and the exploration of color and form. Each artist examines the spectrum of abstraction that exists between expressionism and hard-edge. Fintz, Nelson, and Francey live in the Hudson Valley and have shown with the gallery over ten years, and this will be Enslen’s debut exhibit in Hudson.

Jenny Nelson will showcase a new series of abstract paintings that explores her continued interest in structure and space. After years of studying academic life drawing, she became intrigued by negative space and started to evolve an abstract language as subject matter was deconstructed and modified.

Jeanette Fintz will present a new series of large-scale paintings, “Balance and Beam - Locus in Transit”, all created during the year of the pandemic. The artist explains “these paintings are about giving structure to something intangible, ephemeral, in-flux or conversely, revealing the dissolving of structure that has been.”

Alaina Enslen expresses her artistic vision through repurposed fabrics infused with beeswax. The Cornwall-On-Hudson based artist collects pieces of textile that evoke memory, tradition, or experience like cherished worn heirlooms, discarded clothes, and religious garments, which are then assembled on panel in an abstract patchwork.

Anne Francey has been working with subject matter inspired by nature for most of her artistic career. Since the pandemic, this focus has become ever more apparent as her new acrylic paintings on paper demonstrate her intuitive process of reinterpreting literal subjects like leaves, flowers, birds, or bugs into vibrant worlds of layered color.

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