Beyond Flamenco, a Mini-Festival of Contemporary Flamenco

Patricia Guerrero

CHATHAM — This spring, join PS21 as we shine a light on the newest in contemporary flamenco, the gorgeous Spanish artform encompassing music, dance, and song. This isn’t the touristy variety you’ll find at restaurants and bars on Barcelona’s famous Ramblas, but rather the true artists of the medium who are moving the needle of this traditional art form, which UNESCO has declared a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

The spring season kicks off on March 15 and March 20, with BEYOND FLAMENCO, a mini-festival of contemporary flamenco. This is just the first of PS21’s stellar lineup for the 2020 Season. The spring chapter runs from March 15 to June 7 and features work by a diverse and distinctive group of international and US-based artists, the kind who inspires intellectual exploration and creates a cultural destination embedded in community collaborations.

Flamenco has a convoluted history originating with the Romani people in 18th century Southern Spain. Like the Romani, derogatorily known as Gypsies, that created flamenco, the art form’s history is layered in mystery, myth, and misinformation. Today, a new generation of younger artists is redefining flamenco for the 21st century. Patricia Guerrero, born in Granada in 1990, and Eduardo Guerrero, a thirty-six-year-old native of Cadiz, are two dancer-choreographers who embody the changing face of flamenco. In March 2020, Patricia and Eduardo will appear in separate programs in the PS21’s Black Box Theater.

On Sunday, March 15, PS21 presents a work of power and beauty, Proceso Eterno (Eternal Process), featuring the breathtaking dancing of Patricia Guerrero that combines modern and traditional elements of flamenco into a choreographic stream of consciousness that is both playful and contentious, performative and private. Her dancing has been called “fast, exciting, and full of invention” by Dance Europe magazine. The piece is under the musical direction of illustrious flamenco guitarist and composer Dani de Moron with the soulful and haunting singing of Sergio El Colorao and the hypnotic beat of Agustin Diassera, a percussionist whose interactions with Guerrero have been called “duets that become duels,” by

There will be complimentary cava and pomegranate aperitivo and dessert for all audience member

$10 – $25, Sunday, March 15, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.,

PS21: Performance Spaces for the 21st Century, 2980 NY-66, Chatham, 518-392-6121

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