ROSENDALE — “I’M OKAY”, Written by Amy Poux, Co-Directed by Amy Poux and Marian Dealy, is a short film that will shoot locally (in Ulster County) June 29 – July 2, 2020.

Synopsis: I’M OKAY is about “Tamarin” (they/them), a 15-year-old non-binary teen in upstate NY.

I’M OKAY follows Tamarin as they navigate their blended, off-beat upstate family, their life at school, and the othering that comes with being themselves in a slow-to-change culture.

Seeking actors the following roles:

“JADEN” – 17 year old cis-gender male, Caucasian. A high school junior from Ulster County, Jaden is easy going, mainstream, doesn’t like to talk about his feelings – but will if forced to. (Seeking actor 17 - 19 year old)

“KYLE” – 15-year old, LGBTQ+, cis-gender male, person of color. One of the lead roles, Kyle is a warm and outgoing character with supreme confidence and a giant supporter of his closest friends.

“OM” – (comedic) 40-50 year-old cis-gender male, all backgrounds. OM is a somewhat pretentious school administrator who lives in a bit of a fantasy world.

“JOCELYN” – (comedic) 30-40 year-old cis-gender female, all backgrounds. A highly efficient assistant to “OM” who tries to act relaxed but is very tightly wound.

Auditions: Saturday March 14, 2 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Please email resume, headshot to:

Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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