Artist Beka Goedde at HENRY in Hudson

HUDSON – One would not expect an artist to revel in failure. Particularly, one who began her studies in the exacting world of neuroscience. “Working in the material rather than science allowed me to entertain philosophical investigations where there are a series of doubts,” artist Beka Goedde explained. “I could explore my actions through the process of elimination. There was always the possibility of wonderful, complete failure.”

Not the desired outcome for any professional. Yet Goedde, Tivoli resident, Bard teacher of print making and drawing, and sculptor/print maker, seems to have embraced the concept and made it work for her. Goedde’s work is on display as part of an on-going series “Art Among the Goods” being presented at HENRY, 348 Warren Street in Hudson through June 18th.

“The methodology doesn’t turn me away,” she adds. “I’m usually working on 10 objects at once – not always in the same media.” For example, within a piece, she might focus on the thickness of a particular line then translate that into another medium. “I love cutting with an Exacto knife on paper,” she explains, “then I’ll go to the woodshop and cut with a band saw blade into wood. Then transfer the concept to a cut line on another piece with a pencil. Each is different and each denotes some continuous change. I keep moving forward but none will be complete until they are all complete. It’s a process of finding and embedding the right pattern and jettisoning those motions that don’t work.”

Goedde uses a related philosophy in her cast sculptures. Rather than just imbue them with shape, she adds color to give the objects “interior, inner sense – character.” The progression allows both the artist and the art to continue growing. “I like to think about my pieces as being ephemeral – constantly changing,” Goedde says. “I’m not trying to have a static piece or fixed work. The process of elimination allows me to change the outcome with every decision.”

Beka Goedde’s work will be on display through Friday, June 18th. Store hours are Friday and Satauday – noon until 6PM. Sunday 11AM – 4PM. HENRY is located at 348 Warren Street in Hudson. For more information, call 518.828.2354. Goedde is also preparing for a group show in Santa Fe, NM at Form and Concept in October of this year.

PHOTO CAPTION: Artist Beka Goedde believes that her sculptures are enhanced by color. “It gives the objects some interior sense,” she says. “Some character.” Her pieces are on display at the antiques store HENRY, 348 Warren Street, Hudson, through June 18th. For more information, call the store at 518.828.2354.

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