SARATOGA SPRINGS — The judging is complete at the 54th annual World Dairy Expo, once again Stewart’s Shops has some of the best dairy products in North America. The judging is based on flavor, body and texture, melting quality, appearance and color.

Stewart’s Shops had a total of six winners at the competition, two first place winners, a second-place finish, as well as three third place finishes. This year’s competition received over 1,400 submissions from dairy producers across North America.

Stewart’s Shops officially has the best chocolate ice cream in North America, Stewart’s Chocolate Ice Cream was the winner in the Regular Chocolate Ice Cream category. Stewart’s Mango Dragon Fruit debuted as a seasonal flavor in 2020 and quickly became a customer favorite, it was named The Best Sherbet in Show for the Open Class Sherbet category. Mango Dragon Fruit now available in half gallons at all shops.

The three third place finishes were in the frozen dessert division—Mint Cookie Crumble in the Mint Ice Cream category, Peanut Butter Pandemonium in the Ice Cream with Peanut Butter category and Milk Chocolate Gelato in the Gelato category.

Also notable, Stewart’s Milk was awarded second place in the Open Class Pasteurized Milk category.

All of Stewart’s Shops dairy products are made fresh at their plant in Greenfield, New York with milk picked up from over 20 local family dairy farms.

Philly Vanilla, French Vanilla and Crumbs Along the Mohawk, have been honored at the World Dairy Expo in previous years.

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