TROY - The Photography Center proudly hosts Troy’s African Ancestral Callings: Echoes from the Past, Views From Here featuring presentations by Bernice Elizabeth Green and David Mark Greaves of Lansingburgh and North Central areas of Troy. The presentation will be held at 3 p.m. Feb. 15 at the Photography Center, 404 River St., Troy.

Bernice is a former CBS Television News and Entertainment publicist and the chief outreach strategist on New York City’s African Burial Ground international outreach campaigns. Brooklynite David is a former documentary filmmaker.

Greaves and Green are co-founders of DBG Media’s award-winning Our Time Press community newspaper, now moving into

its 25th year. Since their affiliation with Troy over the past 10 years, the paper has placed several Troy and Capital Region

In their presentation, Greaves and Green will discuss the narratives of 19th century community activist Harriet Tubman and

essayist/publisher Frederick Douglass and how they influenced and paralleled the career journeys of Greaves and Green.

An event highlight which speaks to the intersection of Black struggle, storytelling, story documentation and the creative process

will be David Greaves’ screenings of clips — relevant to the talk — offered by Producer Louise Archambault, William Greaves’

wife. William Greaves, recently deceased, was an actor, teacher and filmmaker with over 200 documentaries and 4 Emmy

awards in his history. Please see

The presentation will be followed by comments by exhibitor Clifford Oliver and Q&A hosted by Nick Argyros. Free and open to the public.

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