HUDSON — Overdoses in Columbia and Greene counties started dramatically increasing at the onset of COVID-19. In response to that, the Greener Pathways Mobile Outreach Program at Twin County Recovery Services, began accelerating their distribution of Narcan, also known as Naloxone, which is a medication that can reverse an opioid overdose and save someone’s life. Columbia and Greene Counties, just like counties across the state and the country, finished the year 2020 with near record numbers of overdoses and fatalities.

Carl Quinn, Program Director of the Greener Pathways program said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption to the normal operating procedures of health and human services agencies. Unfortunately, the necessity for overdose prevention and response has not abated during the pandemic.” He continued that, “the substance use community faced increased risk as support services shuttered or slowed down operations, hospitals faced severely increased caseloads, and people who use drugs were asked to socially distance from their support or safety groups.”

To combat this effect and get Narcan into the community, during March, Greener Pathways has kicked off Narcan March Madness and is placing their Mobile Outreach RV into the community and will be making stops in communities across both counties to distribute Narcan and answer questions.

The dates and communities are:

March 15: Greene County: East Durham, Windham and Tannersville.

March 17: Columbia and Greene counties: The Greener Pathways Team and Columbia County Re-Entry Team will fan out across both counties to outreach to clients that are being housed in motels.

March 22: Columbia County: Ghent, Chatham and Kinderhook.

March 29: To Be Determine.

Check the website for the exact times of each community as the date gets closer.

If you can’t make it to the community outreach or Mobile RV Unit, you can still get Narcan by simply texting NARCANKIT to 21000, complete the short form and a Greener Pathways Team Member will respond to you directly about getting you Narcan.

The Greener Pathways program was established in Greene County at the end of August 2017 as the mobile outreach, and in-community arm of Twin County Recovery Services through funding from NYS OASAS under the State Targeted Response (STR) Grant Program and in 2018 expanded to Columbia County. They offer recovery transportation assistance, Peer Advocate support, a Mobile Clinician, connection to Medication Assisted Treatment, connection to detox and/or rehab as well as many other services.

You can learn more by visiting or by phone at 518-291-4500.

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