ALBANY — Medicare is a very important healthcare asset for many seniors and others requiring assistance with health insurance in the United States. Those who are eligible for Medicare can receive assistance and affordable healthcare to deal with the variety of health issues that can crop up as we age. Enrolling in Medicare can give you peace of mind for yourself or other aging family members for whom you may be caring.

Medicare Enrollment 2022, also known as the Medicare OEP 2022, runs between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, 2021. During this annual enrollment period, individuals who qualify for Medicare can renew or change their Medicare policies.

If you miss your initial enrollment period and the annual open enrollment period for Medicare, you might have to pay more to obtain Medicare coverage. Additionally, you might spend more because of pre-existing conditions that you have. If you enroll during your initial enrollment period or during an annual open enrollment period, you won’t have to worry about your insurance rates increasing

because of pre-existing conditions.

How to Get Help During The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Greene County Department of Human Services’ counselors are available to assist you through the process of enrolling for the first time or in changing your existing plan. We will have the new rates and updates for the plans in our area. Many times our counseling sessions can be completed through telephone calls, followed by us sending you written material to review. When needed, we will meet face-to-face in our office.

For further information or to schedule an appointment with an insurance counselor, call Rachel at 518-719-3556.

Please note, all COVID guidelines will be strictly enforced for appointments. We will maintain social distancing and give each client the personal attention desired. Remember you must wear a mask when you show up for your appointment.

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