Loren Knudsen chosen as C-D Student of the Month for May

Loren Knudsen

CAIRO — Loren Knudsen has been chosen as the Cairo-Durham High School Student of the Month for May 2020. Loren is a senior at Cairo-Durham and graduated June 26. She has been an extremely active, involved, and busy lady. Loren has been the president of her class for three years and the secretary for one year; during her senior year, she was also the president of the Student Council and the Yearbook; and since that simply wasn’t enough for this ambitious girl, in addition to all of that, Loren has been on the Principal’s Student panel for all four years of high school, as well as being the vice president of the Interact Club and the Student Representative at BOE meetings.

It wouldn’t seem possible for most, but Loren has also been very active in our CD sports program. She has played Varsity Softball, Tennis, and Wrestling, was the Captain of her JV softball team, and has been the Manager of the Varsity wrestling team for all four of her high school years. Not only does she exhaust herself with extracurricular roles/responsibilities, Loren maintains high achievements and expectations academically too. She was on the high honor roll as a sophomore and a senior and on the honor roll as a freshman and a junior. Her talents have been recognized by others as she received a RIT $32,000 scholarship and a $500 Red Cross Scholarship. When she isn’t fulfilling every possible role and activity that she can at Cairo-Durham, Loren works as a lifeguard at Zoom Flume Waterpark, something that she has done for the past three summers. She enjoys creativing writing, journalism, public speaking, painting, and traveling.

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