TROY — More than 1,800 students were named to the Spring 2020 President’s List at Hudson Valley Community College.

Bradley Butts of Ancram, Paige Wheeler of Ancram, Thomas Libardi of Canaan, John Bermingham of Chatham, Matthew Burgess of Lebanon Springs.

Andrew Loucks of Chatham, Christopher Nash of Chatham, Savanah Shulkin of Chatham, Hayden Spock of Chatham, Alissa Wyatt of Chatham.

Jessica Harrison of Claverack, Carli Hathaway of Claverack, Jennifer Alarcon of Columbiaville, Jaime Cruz of Columbiaville, Mark Pierson of Copake.

Legacy Rhoads of Copake, Amber MacArthur of Craryville, Aidan Jackson of East Chatham, Daniel Meizinger of East Chatham, Ashley Pirrone of East Chatham.

Sophia Shea of East Chatham, Kaleb Taylor of East Chatham, Logan Winnie of East Chatham, Angela Lawton of East Nassau, Kayla Mancino of East Nassau.

Lyndze Masters of East Nassau, Alexzander McCullen of East Nassau, Seth Miller of East Nassau, Patrick Peters of East Nassau, Carrie Robichaud-Bertrand of East Nassau, Charles Hotaling of Ghent.

Ma’or Lev of Ghent, Gabriela Neven of Ghent, Rachel O’Leary of Ghent, Ryan Ohlerich of Ghent, Daniel Yuk of Ghent, Skylar Pulver of Hollowville, Nicole Conte of Hudson.

Pedro Galindo-Landeira of Hudson, Reese Harrison of Hudson, Jacob Howard of Hudson, Elizabeth Pagnani of Hudson, LiJun Zhang of Hudson, Andrew Bartlett of Kinderhook.

Victoria Burke of Kinderhook, Parker Groat of Kinderhook, Madison Seipp of Kinderhook, Dallas Carr of New Lebanon, Duane Hotaling of Niverville, Lindsey Porreca of Niverville, Caleb Ehlers of Schodack Landing.

Brenda Torres of Schodack Landing, Patrick Warren of Schodack Landing, Seth Brokalis of Stephentown, Tiffany Foley of Stephentown, Heather Dickson of Stuyvesant, Hope Gibbons of Stuyvesant.

Bray Kowalski of Stuyvesant Falls, Harrison Podell of Stuyvesant Falls, MacKenzie Borsh of Valatie, Meredith Buono of Valatie, Carly Denue of Valatie, Kayley Gier of Valatie, Rebecca Grosse of Valatie.

Joshua Hall of Valatie, Aidan Klink of Valatie, Dustin Kuhner of Valatie, Rachael Miller of Valatie, John Mueller of Valatie, Eduardo Palacios-Garcia of Valatie, Aldan Race of Valatie.

Jenna Rothwein of Valatie, Dayna Scott of Valatie, Megan Scott of Valatie, Emma Zlomek of Valatie, Uyen Tran of Hudson, Jeffrey Zic of Milan, William Bussert of Red Hook, James Rossetti of Red Hook, Justin Tran of Red Hook.

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