President’s List

TROY — Several local students were among the nearly 1,600 students named to the Spring 2021 President’s List at Hudson Valley Community College.

Local students who have been recognized include:

Frankie Santiago of Selkirk, Xiangxia Chen of Selkirk, Joseph Bliss of Coxsackie, Lucas McCann of Saugerties, Aidan O’Connor of Greenville, Alexis Caprio of Freehold, Falynn DeLaunay of Earlton, Zoe Mullen of Freehold, Madeline McTigue of Coeymans Hollow, Tyler Swanson of Saugerties, Kristofer Rose of Catskill, Marisa Trela of Selkirk, Tracy Lee of Cairo, Benjamin Lafountain of Athens, Joshua Heneghan of West Coxsackie, Justin Hatch of Coxsackie, Zakiyah Haque of Freehold, Emily Kingman of Coeymans Hollow, Mark Reed of Selkirk, Austin Schlenker of Athens, William Cullen of Palenville, Jonathan Hagan of Greenville, Samantha Okuniewicz of Purling, Kayla White of Catskill, Sabrina Young of Leeds, Bronwyn Taylor of Catskill, Emily Vallejo of Greenville, Alice Ashton of Catskill, Adam Cole of Coxsackie, Andrew Clark of New Baltimore, Jeremy Bulich of Catskill, Brynne Boyea of Selkirk, Tina Noeth of Catskill, Zachary Swart of Saugerties, Robert Narciso of Windham, Sylvia Vitoulis of Leeds, Holly Feit of Greenville, Olivia Scully of Athens, Hannah Revell of Greenville, Branden Eacott of Palenville, Arden Johnson of Athens, Brittany Casale of Greenville, Brianna Osborn of Coxsackie, Madison Cardone of Selkirk, Garth Aull of Prattsville, Danielle Cavalluzzi of Greenville, Jennifer McKeon of Freehold, Bailey Keating of West Coxsackie, Zachary Wood of Preston Hollow, Derek Kane of West Coxsackie, Stephanie Reginato of Saugerties, Olivia Pagano of Palenville, Anthony Fabiano of Saugerties, Nicole Miller of Selkirk, Erin Erdman of Athens.

Dean’s List

TROY — Several local students were among the nearly 900 students named to the Spring 2021 Dean’s List at Hudson Valley Community College.

Local students receiving recognition include:

Anthony Paff of Saugerties, Breanna Lennon of Palenville, Anthony Garafolo of Coxsackie, Ryan Pike of Selkirk, Wade Corsa of Coxsackie, Jessica Austin of Selkirk, Nicholas Scaccia of Selkirk, Sheila Wood of Catskill, Nino Futia of Selkirk, Shayna Mitchell of Palenville, Nicholas Towle of Selkirk, Evelyn Lawton of Selkirk, Juliann Labounty of Hannacroix, Juan Mejicano of Round Top, Erwin Lampman of Earlton, Mark Lewis of Coxsackie, Amber Stewart of Greenville, Meghan Turczyn of Catskill, Katherine Christman of Catskill, Sydney Weinstein of Coxsackie, Mitchell Craft of Selkirk, Lucy Trenchard of Selkirk, Jennifer Litts of Windham, William Galough of Selkirk, Joshua Hynes of West Coxsackie, Mya Speller of Catskill, Thy Tran of Coxsackie, Josephine Mattraw Johnston of Coxsackie.

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