CHATHAM — Chatham High School announces the names of students named to Excellence in Effort for the second quarter of the 2020-2021 school year.

Morgan Van Wie Academic Initiative; Skyler Laurange Academic Initiative; Vincent Marasco Academic Initiative; Mark John Ketzer Academic Initiative; Cooper Levy Academic Initiative; Hope Traulsen Health; Hailey Ruff Choir; Grayson Van Wie Jazz Band; Amanda Roberts Grade 11 Band; Diana Castellanos Grade 10 Orchestra; Brittany Boughton Grade 10 Orchestra; Lillian Nowak Economics; Nathan Brown Global History & Geography II; Alice Tassinari AP European History; Jenna Palubeckis AP World History I; Sarah Harrison AP World History I; Emilee Booy Global History I; Julia Metrando Global History I; Tate Van Alstyne Global History I; Daniel Baneni, Jr. AP U.S. History; Benjamin Halpin AP U.S. History; Nicole Meyers AP World History II; Maya Case Human Identity; Gabrielle Fisher Human Identity; DeAnna LeClair Human Identity; Ava Powers Ceramics; Elizabeth Morse Introduction to Business; Ellie Blass Financial Literacy; Nathaniel Loomis Business Law; Logan Shields Theater Production; Ryley Josefsberg Spanish I; Katelyn Thomas Spanish II; Jayden Williams Spanish III; DeAnna LeClair Spanish IV; Carissa Palladino Spanish V; Isabella Rubio College Bound Math; Allyson Engel Geometry; Zoey Palubeckis Geometry Accelerated; Brady Oles Pre-Calculus; Fiona Phelps Pre-Calculus Accelerated; Alice Tassinari AP Calculus; Chole Werner Algebra 2; Kyle Smalley Algebra 2 Accelerated; Mateo Talbott Consumer Math; Solaz Talbott Algebra; Alex Bevens Earth Science; Dayton Harvey Earth Science; Kyle Smalley Living Environment; Amelia Scheriff Living Environment; Claire Van Acker Chemistry; Caiden O’Connor-Brockway Project Based Science; Ashley Gleason AP Biology; Savanna Witherall Environmental Science; Isabella Wiseman English 9; Alaina Graziano English 9 Pre-AP; Tessa Wallace English 10; Samantha Hoffman English 10 Pre-AP; Savanna Witherall English 11; Benjamin Halpin English 11 Pre-AP; Alice Tassinari English 12 AP; Kourtney Hotaling English 12 AP; Claudia Hudson Study Skills AI.

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