Catskill Animal Sanctuary joins Goat 2 Meeting partnership with Sweet Farm

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SAUGERTIES — Catskill Animal Sanctuary announces that they have officially partnered with Goat 2 Meeting, a Sweet Farm Sanctuary program. Goat 2 Meeting brings sanctuaries and rescued animals into online meetings using Zoom, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, and of course GoToMeeting.

With some communities now in their seventh week of self-isolation, people are feeling alienated from each other — and disconnected from animals and nature. Goat 2 Meeting is helping hundreds of groups reconnect with animals. The innovation has quickly reached national popularity, with features in USA Today, CNN, Business Insider, and on NPR.

The Sanctuary is excited to bring the “CAS experience” to work conferences, family get-togethers, happy-hours. The new avenue of support is also essential for sanctuaries, who, like so many nonprofits, are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. “Because of COVID protocols, we can’t welcome B+B guests, tour visitors, or cooking class attendees, so we are thrilled that with this partnership, we’ll be able to bring the Sanctuary to folks in need of a smile — and to get some of the support we need for our rescue and programming work,” says the Sanctuary’s Founder and Executive Director, Kathy Stevens.

Time slots for animal cameos range from 10 minutes to 25, but Catskill Animal Sanctuary is predominantly being booked for the 25 minute visits, which include more background on the Sanctuary’s history and mission — and of course: extra animal time. Folks can’t get enough of those goats!

Sweet Farm Sanctuary, creators of Goat 2 Meeting, have also included Charlie’s Acres, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Luvin Arms Sanctuary, and Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in this wonderful program — so there will always be a rescued farmed animal ready to put a smile on your face! Book a time slot to see a Sanctuary staff member pop in with a Sanctuary resident, like Poppy the goat, Samira the chicken, or Lola the duck!

Catskill Animal Sanctuary also offers their own digital experiences through Virtual Sanctuary, live broadcasts via YouTube on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus custom online visits with Founder and Executive Director Kathy Stevens.

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