ALBANY — Air travelers have quickly embraced Albany International Airport’s program that makes low-cost and expedient COVID-19 testing available to passengers traveling through the Airport.

Albany International Airport began offering COVID-19 testing kits to qualified departing and arriving travelers in December. The testing is being conducted through the SUNY Upstate Medical University in cooperation with Quadrant Biosciences.

“The SUNY-Quadrant Bioscience test has been rated the Number 1 test in the world for identifying the COVID-19 virus and I am extremely pleased with the initial response of Albany travelers that have elected to take advantage of our testing program,” said Phil Calderone, CEO of the Albany International Airport. “COVID testing is an essential measure that will help restore confidence in air travel which is critical to the nation’s economy.”

Qualified travelers may obtain the self-administered COVID-19 test 7 a.m.-5 p.m. daily at the Airport’s Information Desk located on the first level of the terminal. To obtain the test, travelers will be required to present a valid government photo ID and proof of travel.

To qualify to obtain a test, as an arriving passenger, an individual must have traveled into Albany International Airport and completed the required four-day waiting period. Departing passengers may complete the test prior to their departure. The fee for the self-administered test is $35 and can be paid via cash or credit card.

Testing Instructions

n Qualified travelers must first register for the test by scanning a QR code, or go to the web link, and setup your profile. You will need to have your health insurance provider information available.

n When viewing the Student/Employer section of your profile, please enter the word “Unknown”.

n Once your profile is completed, click on “Add a COVID-19 test.” You must have a test kit in order to proceed at this point.

n You will be prompted to answer some questions and enter some information found on your test kit. Once that is completed, you may proceed with the self-administered test at the Airport testing location found in the baggage claim area.

n All tests must be administered only at the designated Albany International Airport testing location.

n To administer the test follow the instructions on the back of your test kit. Be careful not to spill the fluid that is inside the tube and be sure to tighten the cap on your sample tube once the test is completed.

n Once you have completed the self-administered test, deposit your sample in the designated area.

n You should receive an email to create another account to review your results once they are available.

The completed test kits will then be sent to the SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse where the test kit will be evaluated. The test will be completed within 48-72 hours. Travelers should receive an email with instructions on how to access their results.

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