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YouThisMe expands biometric device support for remote patient monitoring solution

April 11, 2018 09:12 am

HUDSON — YouThisMe, a mobile health technology company, today announced the expansion of its remote patient monitoring technology platform to support a broader range of biometric devices.

YouThisMe also further enhanced the security of the UTM:RPM platform while implementing design improvements to the user interface. The platform now supports new iOS-compatible biometric devices including pulse oximeters made by Nonin Medical and digital scales and blood-pressure cuffs from A&D Company.

“We have created a greater level of choice and flexibility for providers that are implementing remote patient monitoring systems for their patient populations,” said Seth Lachterman, a partner and co-founder of YouThisMe. “By using these biometric devices, which connect to a smartphone or tablet computer through a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless interface, the YouThisMe platform is able to read patients’ vital signs directly, without the need for a third-party app.”

Hospitals and other health care providers utilize remote patient monitoring systems to improve care coordination, reduce re-hospitalization rates, and lower costs. YouThisMe’s integrated software and hardware solution helps providers manage the vital signs of homebound, chronically ill patients through a secure, HIPAA-compliant communication system.

The UTM:RPM technology has been implemented by Columbia Memorial Health in Hudson. YouThisMe also recently partnered with OpenTelehealth, a leading Denmark-based developer of cloud-based remote patient monitoring platforms, to develop a platform with the iOS mobile operating system.