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For Your Health: The Columbia-Greene Addiction Coalition launches its website

July 15, 2019 11:36 am Updated: July 15, 2019 11:49 am


On July 1, a good thing happened: the Columbia-Greene Addiction Coalition launched its website! After many months of planning, writing and editing, the website was made available to the public and can now be found at

Jointly funded by the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, the Greene County Legislature, and the Healthcare Consortium, and developed with the input of the Addiction Coalition’s many members, the purpose of the website is to provide information about the resources in and around the Twin Counties for preventing, treating and supporting recovery from addiction.

For the person who is simply curious and wants to educate themselves, the website offers information about addiction and its impact on our community. It defines the disease of addiction and also directly confronts common myths and misconceptions about it. The website identifies different drugs of abuse and lists numerous signs of addiction, such as changes in personality, mood and behavior, diminished hygiene, appearance, and health, and revealing conduct at school or work.

For the person who is concerned about addiction developing in themselves or others, the website offers a great deal of content on prevention — the term used to describe various activities meant to help people avoid becoming addicted in the first place. The “Prevention” pages identify the factors that put people at risk of addiction, as well as the factors that may protect them from it. They also give guidance to parents and caregivers for communicating about use, abuse and addiction with children and adolescents in age-appropriate ways, and provide links to resources like a Parent Toolkit and a list of “Conversation Starters.”

For individuals and their loved ones who are already impacted by addiction, the website offers considerable content devoted to the many “Roads to Recovery,” including licensed inpatient and outpatient treatment clinics, mobile treatment programs, online services, telephone helplines and self-help groups. It provides links to an inventory of services and supports that can be found both in and around the Twin Counties, as well as pamphlets and guides to help individuals navigate the system of addiction services.

And finally, for the person who wants to learn and do more about addiction in our community, the website offers information about opportunities to become involved. A calendar of events notes the many meetings, trainings, celebrations, and other events that are scheduled, and an on-line form allows individuals to sign-up to receive communications about the topics of greatest interest.

Whether a visitor to the website is absolutely new to or well-versed in the issue of addiction, and whether their interest is strictly academic or deeply personal, there is sure to be something of use and value found in this new resource. Please take a moment to explore the website, which is designed for ease of use on both desktops and mobile devices. Any questions, comments or suggestions about the website can be directed to the Columbia-Greene Addiction Recovery Coordinator, Danielle Hotaling, by phone at 518-697-6182 or via email at, or submitted through the website on its “Contact Us” page.

The Healthcare Consortium is a non-profit organization with a mission of improving access to healthcare and supporting the health and well-being of the residents in our rural community. The agency is located at 325 Columbia St. in Hudson. For information, visit or call 518-822-8820.