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Work together on the climate problem

December 5, 2018 12:26 am

To the editor:

Thanksgiving Day was really dreary in our region this year. And the next day, “Black Friday,” brought bad news — a scary government report about the climate.

Finally we got a good reason to give thanks on Nov. 27. That’s when a bipartisan group of congressmen — three Democrats and three Republicans — introduced a truly smart climate bill in the House of Representatives: the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

It’s a pollution tax, which charges coal, oil, and natural-gas producers a fee for putting carbon dioxide into the air. But instead of paying for government programs, the money collected gets returned to American households as a monthly dividend!

It’s effective (reducing the number-one cause of climate change), it’s good for people (our health and our pocketbooks), it will create new jobs, and it’s an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to work together on a something that affects all of us.

I am now thankful, that those congressmen overcame their differences to create this bill. And I’m hopeful, that all of us — Democrats and Republicans — will ask our representatives to start working together on the climate problem. You can go to or call 1-202-224-3121. It’s easy, and you’ll be glad you did it.

Karen Frishkoff