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Wishing you well after Harvey and Irma

From the left are Sydney Eisel, Zinnia Reese and Abigail Tompkins, Varsity Cheerleaders at Gilboa Conesville Central School at summer cheerleading camp.
September 13, 2017 11:31 am Updated: September 13, 2017 11:58 am

PRATTSVILLE — Keep our fellow Americans in your thoughts and prayers who have suffered, and are suffering, through the hurricane devastation of the past two weeks.

Donnie and Theresa Speenburgh, from the West Side of Prattsville, had a very pleasant family get-together recently. Their daughter, Rebecca Larson, and grandson, Robert, were visiting them from Missouri; over Labor Day weekend the rest of their family joined in for one big, happy visit.

Linda and Glen Bellomy and Lunetta Hill, as of Sunday the Sept. 10, are in Georgia with some friends and will be there until Tuesday or Wednesday. They had not heard of the condition of their home in Lakeland, Florida, and will give someone in Prattsville an update on the situation. We wish them well.

Saw previous Prattsville residents Junior and Jackie Haines with their son, Jason, and others dining out. They, too, have a home in Ocala, Florida, and live there year-round. They said they had been here eight weeks and were due to return home over the past weekend, but decided to play it smart and wait to see what Irma had in store for them. They, too, were waiting to find out the condition of their home.

Junior and Jackie are both retired and Jackie said, “Every day is Saturday or Sunday.” As you can tell, they are enjoying their retirement. At one time, they lived on Washington Street and always had a smile and good wishes for all, and they still maintain that happiness. Good to see you guys.

Get-well wishes go out to Chet Neice who just can’t seem to get his health back in sync. He is at the Stratton VAMC every few weeks for something new and/or an adjustment to his medications. Do get well, Chet.

And we wish his wife, Linda, continued stamina. Linda has been using the facilities of the Fisher House, adjacent to the VAMC within walking distance, and true to form, Linda has been doing the cooking for general use of others staying at the Fisher House. You can do your own cooking while staying at the Fisher House and many volunteers have prepared food on-hand for those who do not cook.

Now is a good time to remind all veterans and/or their families the Fisher house, with kitchen, living room, dining room and private bedrooms and baths, this facility is there for your use when loved ones are hospitalized. There is no charge to stay at the Fisher House. Manager Michael Fitzgerald is available for arrangements and assistance.

Charlie and Bev Becker Santo have returned home from their vacation in Aruba. They arrived in Prattsville late Saturday. Talk about getting home in the nick of time! They avoided the hurricane and we are so glad they are home safely. Understand Bev is absolutely exhausted.

The Reformed Church of Prattsville is getting ready for some repairs on its beloved church building. More flood damaged interior has to be removed from the church and then insulation can begin. It has been a struggle for them in their rebuilding efforts and we wish them continued success with their repairs.

Jim and Roxie King took a mini-vacation to Massachusetts for a few days. They made stops at Lee, Lennox and Stockbridge, to name a few. Two of the places they visited were a butterfly museum and Divine Mercy Shrine.

At the Shrine, the holy figures are life-sized and they said it was truly inspiring. They also stopped in for a visit with Jim’s brother and sister-in-law.

Abigail Tompkins, Zinnia Reese and Sydney Eisel — captains of the cheerleading squad at Gilboa-Conesville Central School District — have been selected to attend the Varsity Spirit Spectacular at Walt Disney World Resort. While at the UCA cheerleading camp this summer, the Gilboa girls placed third in one of the competitions.

The young ladies, and a good example they are, need to raise some funds to defray the cost of this trip. All donations are appreciated and can be sent to Gilboa-Conesville CS Pep Club, Attn: Amanda Ross, 132 Wyckoff Road, Gilboa, New York, 12076. There will also be a Benefit Breakfast at the Conesville Fire Hall on Sept. 17. Anyone who has attended these breakfasts knows they are truly worth it. It is a good thing to support our students who exhibit such fine qualities. Good luck, girls, for your fundraising and in the competition.

Welcome home, Elsie Stuppert. Elsie spent a couple of weeks in Germany visiting family and friends.

Bob and Ginny Gurley — members of American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post No. 1327 and American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit No. 1327 — made a trip to Greenville, Freehold and Cairo on Saturday to distribute flyers for the Legion’s Poker Run on Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. It was a beautiful day down the mountain and the reception and support for this event was heartening.

Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley took a handful of the fliers to distribute among his fellow motorcyclists. Thanks, Greg. One business took a bundle to distribute on his own. Another one was going to announce it on his radio station. A lady at the Deli/Country Store in Freehold inquired about the rebuilding of Prattsville. She was originally from Blenheim some time ago, but said she always had a soft spot for Prattsville and wished us all well. Good to hear gracious comments about Prattsville.

The Legion is still looking for baskets for their raffles and it is never too late to donate something — either a complete basket or items to be compiled for baskets. Thank you.

Good to hear Lou of the Brandywine is home although he is still on the DL. If you didn’t have reservations at the Brandywine on Saturday, you were out of luck. Full to the rafters. And that is a great way to wish Lou well by continuing to dine at the Brandywine. Get-well wishes to you, Lou.

Happy birthday to Dylan Braswell on Sept. 15. A very happy birthday to Sue Huggins on Sept. 17. On Sept. 18, we wish Jessica Schmiedel and Tim Mudge happy birthday. On Sept. 19, it is happy birthday to Claudia Bracaliello, Ann O’Hara Gurecki and to round out the trio, Tony Bifolco. We wish Steve Voorhees a happy birthday Sept. 20.

We wish Bonnie and Lester Chase a happy anniversary Sept.16. On Sept. 21, we wish Lila and Danny Rikard a happy anniversary.

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