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What happened in Tannersville 100 or so years ago

January 16, 2019 11:35 am Updated: January 16, 2019 11:44 am

A few more interesting articles from past (way past) area newspapers.

1896-Mike Lackey (prominent resident) has added a high-priced typewriter to his office equipment.

1896-Tannersville’s truant officer stirred up parents who were indifferent as to whether their children attended school last week.

1896-We (the paper) claim all the honor of being the first to record the breaking through the ice of some boys, skating at this place last week.

1896-E. Adams sold meats from his butcher wagon on Wednesday at the following prices: Sirloin steak 10c, Porterhouse 12c, round steak 10c, and prime rib roast 10c.

1896-Trying to impartially write the happenings hereabouts, when the news is not brought to us is harder work than pulling the tail feathers out of a “raffle turkey.” (the editor)

1897-Addison Judd is building an addition to the Waverly House dining room. (North side of Main Street near 5958).

1897-A direct telephone line connects Tannersville and Saugerties.

1897-New blackboards have been purchased for use in the various departments of the Hunter academy.

1897-The Fromer store building will be occupied by John H. Gray for a harness and furniture store. (Same building as the Twin Peaks Coffee Shop at 5950 Main Street).

1897-A Tannersville rooster has taken charge of a brood whose mother fell in a rain barrel and drowned. Even the fowls are falling in line with the new woman age.

1897-Frank Layman is quite ill.

1897-Levi Haines is painting the bakery.

1897-On account of smoky stoves there was no school in the primary department two days this week.

1897-John Carr has the contract for carrying the U.S. mail from the Tannersville Post Office to Elka Park Post Office. (For many years Buck Farrell from Platte Clove carried that mail route).

1910-Sam Orliff is having a building erected on the corner of Gordon Campbell’s, near the post office, for sale of confectionary and postal cards. (Could this have been the store (5991) that was shared by Eddie Raench, Betty Garrison, Sharon Leach’s J Tree and presently Gina Garino’s Kaaterskill Liquors Your input is welcome.

1897-The walk has been graded in front of the Methodist Episcopal Church and parsonage. (5942 Main Street). A lamp post has been placed near the entrance.

1897-The Poggenburg House is now nearing completion. The total cost will be 10,000.

1897-Carr brothers are painting the Poggenburg House. (A private home built in 1896-1897 and located on the left side of Greene Hill in Elka Park).

1897-Building contractors are making estimates for erecting a Methodist Church (Union Chapel), a private home today, at Twilight Park. (This Church held the service for Twilight founder Charles F. Wingate’s funeral, buried at the Haines Falls Methodist Church. All Angels Church (still utilized) was built in 1895-96).

1897-What Tannersville wants is a sidewalk to the depot from Main Street. (The traffic light down the dugway, to the Rip Van Winkle Lake).

1901-Onteora Park Association have several men and teams engaged in clearing land for an artificial lake. The land was recently bought of Lawrence Mattice and it will cover seventeen acres and be used for boating and fishing. Work is being done by John A. Longyear.

1901-J. M. Johnson, contractor for Harrisburg Pennsylvania Waterworks came here recently for the purpose of promoting water works in the Village of Tannersville. Johnson and Longyear looked over the situation, but no agreement was reached.

1903-Leopold Bieber is still making improvements to the Cold Spring House. He is building a new kitchen and a new ice house and enlarging his dining room. (The Cold Spring still partially stands).

1903- Jacob Fromer (prominent resident) has laid out a new street starting near Hotel Weldon and running west. He is building a cottage there and James Constable is bossing the job, employing eight men. (Hotel Weldon stood at the intersection of Spring and Main Street, a little back on the property).

1903-Amos Mc Creery, the plumber, reports that business is very active. He says he has fifteen men employed.

1904-Abram Harkness, a Civil war veteran, died at his home in this village Friday morning. Mr. Harkness was one of the few who survived the horrors of Libby prison. He leaves a wife, four daughters and two sons.

1904-Messrs. Thorpe and Goslee are working on the bowling alley in Twilight Park.

1904-Contractor Grim has started work in Onteora Park.

1905-Catholic people wish to thank H.G. Poggenburg for his kindness for giving them use of this beautiful hall, finest in Catskills. A grand, social affair will take place. (Most likely it was the use of the Poggenburg Casino, later to be called the Forest Inn).

1905-Two of our village lads were fined $25.00 each for violations of the fish and game laws. This should be a lesson to them. (Approximately $692.00 today).

1909-About sixty people attended the private ball at the Rod and Gun Hotel on Friday evening. All report a very pleasant time. (The Rod and Gun Club, presently named Curran’s Tavern (6080 Main Street) is located at the base of the Tannersville School.)

1909-Irving Goslee has the contract for wiring a boarding house at Haines Falls, for electric lights.

1911-The Ulster & Delaware Railroad has notified Mr. Rusk that he will not be permitted to use the crossing over the railroad tracks (Haines Falls) to get to his amusement hall, The Wawanda. Rusk claims this is a public crossing; the railroad people claim it is a private crossing to and from Rusk’s residence. The railroad will not be responsible for any accident. (The Wawanda was a popular theater and play house built back off the road north of 5197 Route 23A, Haines Falls).

1911-The Haines Falls House was an awe-inspiring scene when it burned to the ground. (This House had previously been owned by Christian Charlie Haines, proprietor of the property (sheep pasture) purchased by Twilight Park in 1888. The hotel was located near the entrance of Twilight Park).

1911-The six-ton crusher was taken up to Onteora Park Friday morning by Abraham Myers and son. M.E Francis will crush the stone for village streets.

1912-George Gould has purchased the property of Washington Connor on Star Rock at Onteora Park.

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Hope you enjoyed your short trip into the past.

Until next week, take care, be thankful and be kind. You never know how your act of kindness may change someone’s life.