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Voting for Kamal Johnson

June 25, 2019 05:15 am

To the editor:

In the months leading up to writing this letter I’ve been thinking a lot about my neighbors. Neighbors who have lived here for many generations, and newer neighbors, those who have decided to move to Hudson, and make it their home, possibly for many generations to come. Wonderful neighbors, who call you when they notice your car is parked on the wrong side of the street. Or whose kids say hi to you as you walk by them. Or who will bring you a coke in a bottle from the deli, when you’re having a bad day.

With rents in Hudson rising, and more and more homes being bought to be turned in to short-term rentals, with no incentive to do otherwise, I find myself thinking more and more about Hudson being a town with no neighbors. Walking blocks just to park your car. Hosing the barf off your sidewalk that was left by some wedding goer who had a few too many. Watching a revolving stream of people come and go. People who have no long term investment in the children who grow up here, or the businesses that have become staples of our community, or the lost dog who wandered a bit too far from home, or the trees that line our streets.

Because of this I must say with enthusiasm that I will be voting for Kamal Johnson for Mayor of Hudson on June 25. I believe that he has the experience and the vision to make sure that Hudson continues to thrive as a city of wonderful neighbors. Neighborswho are committed to the educational, political, socioeconomic, and holistic health of Hudson. Because Hudson will never stop being a great place for people to come visit, but it does risk becoming a place where nobody lives. And that would be a very sad thing.

Zia Anger