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Urging registered Democrats to not vote for Flynn

June 22, 2018 12:32 pm

To The Editor:

As a resident of Buffalo and a real estate practitioner in the Hudson Valley, I am writing to urge registered Democrats to not cast their vote for Brian Flynn on June 26!

We know and remember Mr. Flynn here in Buffalo, where he pulled a “Mitt Romney” on our local workers in 2016. I am appalled to learn he is running for office, as a Democrat no less. We know Brian Flynn as an out-of-town carpet bagger who came into Buffalo a few years ago to take over one of our local manufacturing businesses, AccuMED. As venture capitalists are wont to do, he flipped it for a huge profit, and shipped good Buffalo manufacturing jobs to right-to-work states and the Dominican Republic… laughing his way out-of-town with millions of dollars and the dashed hopes and dreams of Buffalonians in his pockets.

Now he’s trying to con Hudson Valley voters the same way he scammed Buffalo. Do you really think he won’t do the same to you if he ever got to the Congress?

Democrats are supposed to be the party of working people and labor! How can we even allow someone like Flynn, who I have read is bankrolling his own campaign with the profits he made off shipping jobs out of Buffalo and Upstate NY, to even pursue the Democrat line?

The old saying, fool us once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me rings true here. Dear voters in NY-19: don’t get fooled by Brian Flynn. He is not to be trusted.

Howie Greene

Licensed as Howard Grynspan

Licensed New York State Real Estate Salesperson

Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc.