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Twin Counties react to government shutdown

President Donald Trump departs from the White House in Washington, for Camp David, where he will meet with senior staff to discuss the shutdown and border security, Jan. 6, 2019. (Sarah Silbiger/The New York Times)
January 7, 2019 12:15 am

The government shutdown began Dec. 22 following Democratic opposition to President Donald Trump’s attempts to get funding for a wall at the border with Mexico.

The shutdown is now at 17 days — four fewer days than the longest shutdown since 1980, according to The Washington Post.

The shutdown has affected nine out of 15 departments including Homeland Security, Justice, State and Treasury, as well as agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA. Mail delivery and law enforcement is still operational, according to The New York Times, although tens of thousands of law enforcement personnel are working without pay.

Of the 800,000 employees affected, “less than half are on unpaid leave, while more than half are working without pay”, according to The New York Times. Those who work can expect compensation after funding is restored.

People around the Twin Counties reacted to the issue Sunday.

Susan Labuff, of Catskill, does not approve of the shutdown, she said.

“They need to stop playing political games and get down to business and resolve this issue,” she said. “They are not working for the good of the people.”

Labuff sees the politicians’ behavior as a campaign strategy, she said.

“They are just looking for their own political gain,” she said.

Karolina Perino, of Earlton, does not support the shutdown or the wall.

“If there is a compromise, it should not include funding for a wall,” she said.

Shutdowns have been a long-term issue, Perino said.

“It’s something they hold over our heads and they’re always bargaining over one issue or another,” she said.

Bob Sliney, of New Milford, Connecticut, was walking his dog on Warren Street on Sunday.

“I agree with the Democratic position that elements of the government [not involved in the wall issue] should not be involved in the shutdown,” Sliney said.

The issue is also more complex, he added.

“It’s not just a wall — it’s about immigration,” Sliney said. “Republicans and Democrats need to sit down and discuss this issue.”

Mark Cancilla, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, was visiting Hudson with his wife Elaine.

“Unfortunately, the government is never going to get together and make a decision without making people suffer,” he said.

“It’s a mess,” Elaine Cancilla agreed. “I hope the greatest democracy in the world isn’t going to be ruined by this bipartisan behavior. We ought to get over ourselves.”

This shutdown is gratuitous, and it occurred at the childish whimsy of one man, responding to the churlish urgings of two non-elected pundits: Limbaugh and Coulter. The congress and senate had already approved continuation legislation that the president had committed to signing.

It is troubling that at the root of "changing his mind," Trump also may have had the objective of further obstructing justice and investigations into serious wrongdoings associated with his administration, his relationship to Russia, and Russians, particularly Putin, and his criminal profiteering from his trust in the form of emoluments from a hotel whose grounds and building he leases from the federal government, i.e. the taxpayers.

These are political games within games Trump is playing, but they all boil down to lying and deceiving the American People and running his presidency like a private corrupt franchise he purchased wholesale from the mob.
Trump's very act of unilaterally shutting down our government and threatening us with a "very long shutdown" if he doesn't get "his way" - which he can't quite define when pressed for 'details' other than to extort the figure $5 Billion Dollars, that he keeps returning to, is an act of political terrorism.

We the people do not want our official representatives to negotiate with a terrorist.

Trump inherited his daddy's ill gotten fortune, which itself was defrauded from government housing programs that he filled with discriminatory housing. Trump has never, and still hasn't worked an honest day in his life, and has no idea what it's like for a family that must plan paycheck to paycheck. Wake up, those of you who still support this spoiled brat and traitor, he is not "your friend."