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Town of Hunter Tidbits: Military man continues to make history serving others

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    Andy Di Palermo.
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    American Flag.
September 12, 2018 11:42 am Updated: September 12, 2018 11:48 am


Today’s article is about a local veteran belonging to Tannersville’s Bunt-Brewer American Legion Post 165. Veteran Andrew (Andy) Di Palermo recently honored veterans in a unique way, independent of Andy’s everyday respect for all veterans.

Andy brought more than 100 American Flag images to the Veteran’s Hospital in Albany. Andy sews these pieces himself, and also shares them among mountaintop veterans.

Local post 165 is honorably named Bunt-Brewer after the two local Tannersville men killed in World War I: Fredrick Bunt who died on July 3, 1918, and Kenneth Brewer who died Oct. 4, 1918. (There were also two other men from the Town of Hunter that lost their life during WWI: George W. Hommell from Elka Park and Leo Squires from Hunter Village. For a time, there had been a Leo Squires Post located in Hunter.

Andy, a long-time resident of Haines Falls, is a veteran of the Korea-war era, 1954-1957, serving during the years of the Cold War. Hearing Andy explain his service time made me question the true meaning of the term Cold War.

So, what exactly was the Cold War? It was explained by the American World History website as following:

“In diplomatic terms, there are three types of war. Hot War: this is actual warfare. All talks have failed, and the armies are fighting.

Warm War: this is where talks are still going on, and there would always be a chance of a peaceful outcome but armies, navies, etc. are being fully mobilized and war plans are being put into operation ready for the command to fight.

Cold War: this term is used to describe the relationship between America and the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1980. Neither side ever fought the other — the consequences would be too appalling — but they did ‘fight’ for their beliefs using client states who fought for their beliefs on their behalf, e.g., South Vietnam was anticommunist and was supplied by America during the war while North Vietnam was pro-Communist and fought the south (and the Americans) using weapons from communist Russia or communist China. In Afghanistan, the Americans supplied the rebel Afghans after the Soviet Union invaded in 1979, while they never physically involved themselves, thus avoiding a direct clash with the Soviet Union. The one time this process nearly broke down was the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

There are 80 men and women from various military branches who belong to the local Bunt-Brewer American Legion Post 165. Please remember them on Veterans Day and every day.

Thank you for reading. Any questions or comments please contact me: or call 518-589-4130.

Until next week, take care, be thankful and be kind. You never know how your act of kindness may change someone’s life.

Have a good week. — Dede Terns-Thorpe