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Town of Hunter Tidbits: ‘Hummingbird halts tunnel construction’

March 13, 2019 11:35 am Updated: March 13, 2019 11:45 am


Los Angeles: “The little Dutch boy who saved Holland from sea inundation by sticking his finger in a leak in the dike has been matched here by a hummingbird which has delayed the construction of an essential tunnel in the new metropolitan water district project.

The hummingbird built its nest on the knot of a guy rope used in the tunnel construction and started in to raise a family of hummers. Work was ordered delayed on that part of the project until mother hummingbird had hatched her brood. (Hopeful the same would happen today!)

Another spring-like article from a 1948 Hunter Review newspaper’s letter to the editor (called a notice back then.) An affectionate message sent from a local woman to her children, one boy, and one girl. Her letter shares a spring-like message by frequently mentioning blue skies and sunshine.

“This, my last will and testament, is to my children:

Dear Children of Mine,

If today I only knew I would die. I have no gorgeous jewels or money to leave you. If from me you have inherited any of my likes and dislikes, I leave you these: The hunting seasons in the fall, brown trees, brown leaves, but blue skies. The feeling that comes when all the hills are painted far better than great artists may know how. The mayflowers in the spring — a quiet brook from which you may catch trout. The sunshine, rain, clouds, and happiness, and yet unhappiness, for without one the other is but nothing. The first look you may have at your babies, the croaking frogs, the spring peepers at night, the silence of great deep snows in winter, the winds howling, the bitter cold and the sweet corn in the summer. Fried chicken, and cold water from a spring in the hottest summer.

Of Church and God, I know not much, but if you can see in each of these worldly things some good, then I’m sure we are near to God, if not to Church.

If you can see something nice about everyone, although you may detest them, then I can know you have inherited from me all I had to give, God’s world dipped into my soul.

Your loving mother”.

Researching old newspapers is a way to try and live a day in the people’s lives. Life was apparently more physically demanding years ago, but people seemed to take the time to find enjoyment in small ways. Hummingbirds, blue skies and nighttime peepers obviously delighted people as much, or more than, it does today.

Hope you enjoyed these articles. Thanks to the editors that felt these stories deserved to be shared.

By the time I write again, the days will be longer, and moods will be lighter.

Until next week, take care. Be thankful & be kind. You never know how Your act of kindness may change someone’s life. Any comments or concerns please contact:, or call 518-589-4130.