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Thank you to Our Community Cares

August 23, 2018 01:31 pm

To the editor:

I have lived in Columbia County my entire life. There are great advantages to living in a small town and being part of a small community. Everyone knows everyone and sort of looks out for each other, but little did I know just how much love there could be.....

When I got sick in February of 2017 and was taken out of work by my doctor, the medical bills started coming in and I was starting to panic. I knew in the next coming months, daily trips to Albany would be necessary for treatments. Upon a good friend’s advice, I reached out to Our Community Cares for assistance.

From day one of contacting them and meeting with Dawn and Lori they took the ball and ran with it. I explained my situation and my needs and they took it from there. They held bi-weekly planning meetings with members, my family and friends. They all worked so hard soliciting businesses and individuals for donations for the event such as prizes for the raffle, food and beverages and baked goods for the event.

When we pulled into the Ghent VFW the day of the event my eyes filled with tears. I could not believe what they had accomplished. Some of these people had just met me, some didn’t even really know me at all, yet they all worked so hard to make the day a success.

I would like to say thank you to the Ghent VFW, the Ghent and Chatham Firehouse, the Knights of Columbus, the Register-Star, Hannaford Dist. Center, the Valatie Hannaford, Ginsberg Foods, Larry Laurange, Cantele’s Tent Rentals, Todd Crego Jr., Maeve Rochester, Carly Cross, Michael Udwary, Nancy Groff and every single person who donated to the raffle, baked desserts, made a donation, helped out that day or the days leading up to the event. I am forever grateful to you all.

A very special thank you to Joe Adee for donating his time the afternoon of the event and sharing his amazing voice and talent.

I cannot begin to explain how fortunate I am to have met the ladies from Our Community Cares. The work that this organization does is unbelievable. You don’t really understand it until you have seen it for yourself. They worked so hard, they made it their job to make the fundraiser a success and it really was!

Today my heart is full and to say I am blessed is an understatement. I am lucky to be loved by so many and to be part of this wonderful community.

My goal is once I am healed, to be on the other side of the receiving line, helping Our Community Cares put on events for others in need.

Tina L. Johnson