HRS/CDM_chasney LETTER gary greenberg

HRS/CDM_chasney LETTER gary greenberg

Submitted by on Wed, 08/29/2018 - 12:16 pm

Support for Pramilla Malick

To the editor:

The last person Governor Cuomo wants you to send to Albany is Pramilla Malick and that’s precisely why she is the most needed there. As the chair of Protect Orange County, Pramilla is an independent thinker who has never been afraid to call out corruption in either party. Her fight against the CPV power plant demonstrates that she cannot be bought, bullied, or manipulated. She is beholden to no one except the people, which is why she is the bold, principled and passionate leader we need to finally get the Child Victims Act passed.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. My commitment to all survivors of this unspeakable crime is why I founded “Fighting for Children PAC” and “Protect NY Kids.” For a dozen years, we have advocated, along with thousands of New York families, for stronger legislation in Albany to expand the legal rights of victims of childhood sexual abuse through the passage of the CVA.

Sadly, the CVA once again met a political brick wall this June when John Flanagan, Republican NYS Senate Majority Leader betrayed kids and families by refusing to bring the bill to a vote in the Senate. This was the result of political gamesmanship and deal-brokering lead by Governor Cuomo. The CVA is critical, not only to victims and their families, but to the public at large. Stalling the passage of this legislation keeps abusers on the streets where they can and do re-offend children.

The fact that the CVA, a bill supported by 90 percent of New Yorkers, cannot even come to the floor for a vote, is a major failure of our state government. It reflects the appalling disparity between the will of the people and the actions of our representatives. It is emblematic of the root cause behind every major crisis of our day, which is the control of special interests and big money over our decision-makers. No one understands this better than Pramilla.

Pramilla has proven time and time again that she is capable of thwarting and exposing the political games of the Albany Establishment. She is the only candidate not propped up by any party. We need her in Albany to move this bill and other stalled progressive legislation forward. Pramilla has pledged to keep the CVA at the very top of her agenda. She has a proven track record of advocacy for the health and safety of children. Pramilla has consistently and vocally supported the CVA as a community activist and will be a true Gem of the Senate — someone who will distinguish herself as a relentless and persuasive voice on this critical issue and many others, as she has for the communities she serves in Orange County.

”Fighting for Children PAC” and “Protect NY Kids” proudly endorse Pramilla Malick for SD 42, the honest voice that Albany so desperately needs. We urge you to support Pramilla with your vote in the Sept. 13 NY Democratic State Primary, and again in November. We need a fighter and an activist, like Pramilla, in the legislature to get the CVA passed. As Senator, Pramilla Malick will work tirelessly to make that happen for all New York kids and families.

Gary Greenberg